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Senator Klobuchar’s Plan to Safeguard Our Elections, Strengthen our Democracy and Restore Trust in Government

[Included in plan:] Ensure that those affected by natural disasters can still vote. As the effects of climate change become more disruptive, Senator Klobuchar believes that it is especially important to ensure that natural disasters do not prevent Americans from voting. As President, she will ensure that people living in areas where an emergency has been … Continue reading "https://medium.com/@AmyforAmerica/senator-klobuchars-plan-to-safeguard-our-elections-strengthen-our-democracy-and-restore-trust-in-ca2360918c7d"


Kamala Harris: As climate crisis makes fires worse, here are some solutions

This isn’t normal. We’ve always had wildfires, but not like this. Hurricane-force winds, simultaneous blazes raging with no end in sight, mass blackouts to prevent the next catastrophe. With every passing wildfire season, the threat gets more intense and the strain on families and communities intensifies.