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Klobuchar in Iowa

[Klobuchar] then promised as president to make road repairs a priority, along with “green” solutions. “Taking on the issue of climate change because as you know some of this flooding is getting worse,” Klobuchar said, to applause, “because our country didn’t have the same respect for our environment that your tribal community has.

Radio Iowa

June: Hottest June ever recorded July: Record heatwaves, hottest month ever recorded August: The @DNC says, “Nope, we still don’t need a #ClimateDebate.” The Democratic Party is the last best hope for humanity to defeat the climate crisis. This is outrageous and unacceptable.


How heat waves make it easier for people to believe in climate change

Heatwaves in Europe and in the United States may have done more than winter storms and hurricanes to convince Americans that climate change is real. In the latest Economist/YouGov Poll, half the public say they have personally felt the effects of climate change, which is up seven points from a year ago. Continued »