Climate change is rapidly escalating into the single greatest threat we face, and the next president must be committed to ambitious and immediate action on climate that builds a more just and sustainable society.

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Extreme weather may be pushing Texans to care about climate change

Does Texas, the metaphorical oil tank of the American petroleum operation, care about climate change? About two-thirds of it does, says a new poll of Texas voters — and we’re not just talkin’ Democrats. Sixty-five percent of Lone Star State voters of all political persuasions are in favor of government action to combat the climate … Continue reading ""


Democratic Presidential Candidates Focus On Climate Change On The Campaign Trail

In August, the Pew Research Center released a poll showing a sharp increase in the number of Americans who view climate change as a major threat to the well-being of the country ⁠— from 40 percent in 2013 to 57 percent now. And it is of particular concern to Democratic voters, as reflected by the emergence of … Continue reading ""

Maine Public

End Washington Corruption

[Included in plan:] [Government] doesn’t work because big oil companies that have concealed climate studies – and funded bought-and-paid-for climate denial research – bury regulators in an avalanche of shady, bad-faith pseudoscience and then spend freely on influence peddling in Congress to make sure nothing like a Green New Deal ever sees the light of day.


Most American teens are frightened by climate change, poll finds, and about 1 in 4 are taking action

A solid majority of American teenagers are convinced that humans are changing the Earth’s climate and believe that it will cause harm to them personally and to other members of their generation, according to a new Washington Post-Kaiser Family Foundation poll. Roughly 1 in 4 have participated in a walkout, attended a rally or written … Continue reading ""

Washington Post

Andrew Yang's Climate Plan

Democratic Presidential candidate Andrew Yang is calling for a universal basic income, which he calls a Freedom Dividend. He wants the federal government to send a thousand dollars each month to every US citizen over the age of 18. The 44-year old entrepreneur sat down with Host Bobby Bascomb to discuss how the plan relates … Continue reading ""

Living on Earth

Climate tweets on Buttigieg

”We must channel all of our energies into a national project — one that unifies every American, from big cities to rural communities, around this urgent threat and seizes the tremendous opportunity of a new era of climate action.”


Climate tweets on Bullock

”As Big Oil reaps huge profits and takes over our public lands, our politicians stand by and do literally nothing to deal with the climate crisis.” – Governor Steve Bullock


Buttigieg in South Carolina

.@PeteButtigieg at a Spartanburg town hall said, “I do think we need to build up the idea of caring about the future as a value.” He said that if people think more about the future, there is a “different level of urgency” in regards to climate change and generational justice.


Climate change is already here. 2020 could be your last chance to stop an apocalypse

The world is drifting steadily toward a climate catastrophe. For many of us, that’s been clear for a few years or maybe a decade or even a few decades.

Los Angeles Times

Climate tweets on Booker

”Without immediate action, we risk an incredible human toll from disasters, health impacts, rising national security threats, and trillions of dollars in economic losses.” – Senator Cory Booker