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Study: Biden can unite progressives and swing voters with a focus on climate

The environment is the biggest driver of doubts about Trump among his wavering supporters.


New Arizona Poll: Majority of Democratic Primary Voters Believe Climate Issues Are Important

New polling shows that the vast majority of Arizona Democratic primary voters (90%) believe environmental and climate issues are important and 86% of Arizona Democratic primary voters say they are more likely to support a candidate who pledges to make climate change a top issue in their administration and prioritize policies to move the United … Continue reading "https://www.lcv.org/article/new-arizona-poll-majority-democratic-primary-voters-believe-climate-issues-important/"

League of Conservation Voters

Polling on climate

Candidates must discuss climate solutions during tonight’s #DemDebate. 64% of *all* South Carolinians think climate change is a serious problem, with 84% of Democrats seeing it as a serious problem and 71% of Democrats supporting a move to 100% clean energy by 2050. @CVofSC


Polling on climate change

43% of Nevada caucus-goers call health care the top issue in their vote, out of four issues tested—with climate change coming in as the second most pressing issue for voters at 26%, per preliminary entrance poll results. https://t.co/E0AUJzGIsb


Voters Really Care About Climate Change

For Democrats, climate change is now one of the two most important issues in politics, according to a new poll.

The Atlantic

Climate polling in Nevada

NEW POLL ALERT: Nevada is the first caucus or primary in a state whose population is mostly people of color—and Latinx voters in particular want a candidate who will prioritize climate action. Latinxs surveyed named climate change as their TOP issue.


New Poll Shows Climate Change a Defining Issue for Nevada Caucusgoers, Especially Latinos

As national attention turns to Nevada ahead of the state’s February 22 Democratic caucuses, the League of Conservation Voters (LCV) and the Nevada Conservation League released results of a new Public Policy Polling poll of Nevada likely Democratic caucusgoers that finds climate change remains a top two issue for Nevada voters. Continued »

League of Conservation Voters

Why Latinx Voters Make Nevada the First Climate Primary

With the New Hampshire primaries wrapped, all eyes are on Nevada, where the nation’s next presidential caucus is merely 10 days away. It’s the first caucus or primary in a state whose population is mostly people of color, so candidates would be foolish to ignore them—especially if they care about climate change. Climate justice is … Continue reading "https://earther.gizmodo.com/why-latinx-voters-make-nevada-the-first-climate-primary-1841612291"


Climate change among top concerns for Iowa Democratic caucus-goers

The night of the Iowa Democratic caucus ended in chaos and without an announced winner. One thing that is clear: Climate change was a top priority among caucus-goers.


Polling on climate change

For younger voters, climate change was nearly as important as health care as a top issue according to entrance polls.


Polling on climate change

The survey also found that two issues that have been front and center during the campaign were at the top of Iowa Democrats’ minds: health care and climate change.


Memo: Ahead of the Iowa caucuses, climate is the defining issue of 2020

As the early states prepare to caucus and vote, it’s worth noting that the climate crisis has consistently been a top tier issue in the polls and on the campaign trail. Indeed, all of the leading Democratic candidates have released comprehensive climate change plans that are based on science, rooted in equity, and prioritize justice. … Continue reading "https://www.lcv.org/article/memo-ahead-iowa-caucuses-climate-defining-issue-2020/"

League of Conservation Voters

Polls Show Democrats Want Candidates Prioritizing Climate Change

As the spring primary approaches, new polling suggests Democrats running for president should prioritize climate change and the environment.


Addressing Climate Change is Top Issue For Democratic Primary Voters in Colorado, Michigan, & Wisconsin

New polling conducted by Andrew Baumann of Global Strategy Group of Democratic primary voters in all three states which found that addressing climate change is a defining policy position in how voters will choose their presidential candidate – tied at the top of the list along with health care across the board. Read more »

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