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Polling on climate change

Health care is the most important issue to 28 percent of likely Democratic primary voters [in New Hampshire], with climate change at 25 percent and the economy at 12 percent.

QU Poll

Voters Want Presidential Action on Climate—With or Without Congressional Support

A new poll shows that most Americans think a president should go big on global warming.

Mother Jones

Polling Memo: Climate Executive Orders

As gridlock becomes the norm in Congress, the executive branch is an increasingly appealing vehicle for climate policy. We explore public opinion about a wide range of possible executive orders to reduce carbon emissions. We find that these executive orders have broad public support; voters remain supportive even after hearing Republican arguments against executive action.

Data For Progress

Polling on climate change

The most important issue in deciding who to support is health care, say 34 percent of likely [Iowa] caucus- goers, followed by climate change at 24 percent, the economy at 11 percent, and foreign policy and education each receiving 8 percent.

QU Poll

Over 70% Of NH Residents Support Move To 100% Clean Energy

Two exclusive questions fielded for LCV in the University of New Hampshire’s Fall 2019 Granite State Poll found that the vast majority of New Hampshire residents support a move to 100% clean energy by 2050 and that many self-identified New Hampshire Democrats and Independents don’t think the presidential candidates are talking about climate change enough … Continue reading "https://www.lcv.org/article/exclusive-unh-lcv-poll-70-nh-residents-support-move-100-clean-energy/"

League of Conservation Voters

Majority of Floridians recognize climate change as a threat, FAU poll says

More than two thirds of Florida adults consider climate change a threat to future generations and say state and local governments should do more to address it, according to a poll released Monday by Florida Atlantic University.


Poll: Joe Biden beats Democrat rivals on every key election issue except climate change

Across the six policy areas covered by the CNN and SSRS poll—the economy, health care, immigration, the climate crisis, foreign policy, and gun policy—it was only on the climate crisis that Biden did not have a lead.


Climate tweets

In the @CBSNews poll 79% said a candidate’s position on #ClimateChange is “very important” to them. At tonight’s #DemDebate the moderators did not ask a question about the climate change. 19 minutes were spent on the topic “Unlikely friendships”


Polling on climate change

Seventy-nine percent of early-state Democratic voters say the issue of climate change is a “very important.”

CBS News

Climate change will be an issue for most voters in 2020 — CBS News poll

With next year’s presidential election looming, many Americans say climate change will be a factor in their vote, but it will be more of a factor for Democrats than Republicans. Compared to other issues, Democrats rate the climate change issue more importantly than Republicans do. Seventy-two percent of Democrats call climate change very important — … Continue reading "https://www.cbsnews.com/news/cbs-news-poll-climate-change-will-be-an-issue-for-most-voters-in-2020/"

CBS News

Extreme weather may be pushing Texans to care about climate change

Does Texas, the metaphorical oil tank of the American petroleum operation, care about climate change? About two-thirds of it does, says a new poll of Texas voters — and we’re not just talkin’ Democrats. Sixty-five percent of Lone Star State voters of all political persuasions are in favor of government action to combat the climate … Continue reading "https://grist.org/article/extreme-weather-may-be-pushing-texans-to-care-about-climate-change/"


Democratic Presidential Candidates Focus On Climate Change On The Campaign Trail

In August, the Pew Research Center released a poll showing a sharp increase in the number of Americans who view climate change as a major threat to the well-being of the country ⁠— from 40 percent in 2013 to 57 percent now. And it is of particular concern to Democratic voters, as reflected by the emergence of … Continue reading "https://www.mainepublic.org/post/democratic-presidential-candidates-focus-climate-change-campaign-trail"

Maine Public

Most American teens are frightened by climate change, poll finds, and about 1 in 4 are taking action

A solid majority of American teenagers are convinced that humans are changing the Earth’s climate and believe that it will cause harm to them personally and to other members of their generation, according to a new Washington Post-Kaiser Family Foundation poll. Roughly 1 in 4 have participated in a walkout, attended a rally or written … Continue reading "https://beta.washingtonpost.com/science/most-american-teens-are-frightened-by-climate-change-poll-finds-and-about-1-in-4-are-taking-action/2019/09/15/1936da1c-d639-11e9-9610-fb56c5522e1c_story.html"

Washington Post

Americans increasingly see climate change as a crisis, poll shows

A growing number of Americans describe climate change as a crisis, and two-thirds say President Trump is doing too little to tackle the problem.

Washington Post

Climate change an increasing concern for Texas voters, poll finds

The survey, released ahead of the Democratic primary debate in Houston, found that 63 percent of voters said they worried about climate change and nearly two-thirds said they supported their government doing something to tackle it.

Houston Chronicle