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Getting out the vote in Indian Country

Steyer sold himself as the best candidate on climate change and environmental protection. He said he opposed turning over sacred Paiute land to the U.S. military, a position shared by other Democratic presidential hopefuls. Steyer also stressed his opposition to the construction of a high-level nuclear waste repository at Yucca Mountain. “I’m the only one … Continue reading ""

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Climate Change Resilience

Mike’s plan builds on his track record in New York City implementing strategies to protect the community and infrastructure from floods, storm damage and other effects of the climate crisis. As president, Mike will invest heavily not only to lower the emissions that are causing climate change, but also to ensure that Americans across the … Continue reading ""


Steyer in North Carolina

Multiple times throughout the event, Steyer said his biggest priority was climate change. Steyer said the people most affected by environmental issues are often from low-income communities and stressed the need to include people of color in the process. “The way environmentalism works in the United States — and that’s climate, or pollution, or clean … Continue reading ""


Legally protect climate change refugees

As the climate crisis escalates, global migration is expected to increase. Tom will help people around the world recover from disasters by providing funding, equipment, and support. This will help communities improve their disaster response procedures, alleviate critical short-term scarcities, and institute effective recoveries. Under new legal categories, those fleeing climate-related catastrophes will be able … Continue reading ""

Tom Steyer

Steyer wants to give legal status to climate refugees

Democratic presidential hopeful Tom Steyer said he would seek to provide legal status to migrant refugees who come to the United States because of climate change impacts.


Steyer wants climate change refugees to enter US legally

Democratic presidential candidate Tom Steyer on Friday unveiled an immigration proposal seeking to make immigrants fleeing the effects of climate change eligible for legal entry into the United States.


Steyer in South Carolina

1. What would you do now and in the future to address climate change’s impact, particularly for poor and rural residents of coastal communities? Climate change is impacting the poor and natural disasters are sinking vulnerable communities further into poverty. Under my Administration on day one, I will declare climate a national emergency and address … Continue reading ""

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