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Where Biden and Sanders diverge on climate change

Democratic White House hopefuls Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders believe climate change is an existential threat, that the United States should immediately rejoin global climate talks, and that fossil fuel workers need help adjusting to a cleaner energy economy. The similarities end there. Sanders wants to end fossil fuel use completely in power and transport … Continue reading ""


Editorial: Vote Sanders on March 10

Finally, something that truly sets Sanders apart from the rest of the Democratic field is his devotion to tackling climate change on a large scale. More so than other candidates, Sanders appears to understand both the catastrophic implications of climate change and the resources that fighting it will require. Sanders’s climate plan, the Green New … Continue reading ""

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Sanders in Texas

The candidate also touched on the issue of climate change, singling out Trump for calling it a hoax. “The scientific community has a slight disagreement. They think that climate change is an existential threat to this planet, and our administration believes in science, not right-wing extremism.” He went on to emphasize his support for the … Continue reading ""


Warren in South Carolina

“Climate change presents an urgent threat, but also presents the chance to rebuild our economy with 100% clean energy and to create millions of good, union jobs in the process. My ideas for a Green New Deal will create an estimated 10.6 million new green jobs and help rebuild the middle class by providing family-supporting … Continue reading ""

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