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Poll: The Green New Deal is as popular as legalizing weed

A new poll from NPR, PBS Newshour, and Marist shows that the Green New Deal, only recently popularized by progressive representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, is seriously catching on with the public.


Gillibrand on Instagram

50 years ago today, we put a man on the moon. When President Kennedy made that our goal, he didn’t know if it was possible. He just knew we should try. The Green New Deal is our moonshot. Let this be a reminder that when we’re brave, America rises to the occasion—and we win.


Gillibrand in Iowa

Speaking of Gillibrand’s biofuels plan, the easiest way to get to know the Senator might be through her position on the Green New Deal. Climate change is the biggest threat to America, she said, and tornadoes and floods have already killed people. That’s why she will make sure the Green New Deal bill becomes law. … Continue reading ""

Iowa Starting Line

Green New Deal is “very sensible..climate is not some siloed issues that doesn’t touch other issues,” says @TomSteyer. “We’re going to have to rebuild this country in a smart we can have a sustainable world.” @welcometomannys


John Hickenlooper on climate, fracking and beer

John Hickenlooper is the only presidential candidate who has taken a sip of fracking fluid. The former Colorado governor famously took a swig of the viscous liquid to prove it was safe during a meeting with oil and gas company CEOs in 2013. Ever since, the Democrat has faced criticism from environmentalists for being too … Continue reading ""

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Warren tweets

Anyone want a thread of @ewarren’s plans to fight climate change? — Team Warren (@TeamWarren) July 12, 2019 Here’s Elizabeth’s plan to stop fossil fuel drilling, promote renewables, and protect our public lands: — Team Warren (@TeamWarren) July 12, 2019 Here’s Elizabeth’s plan to invest $2 trillion in the research, development, and manufacturing … Continue reading ""