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Gillibrand on climate change

Presidential candidate and New York Senator Kirsten Gillibrand tells us that creating a clean procurement policy is a top priority for her environmental agenda. Gillibrand, an early endorser of the Green New Deal tells us, “The Green New Deal is a critical call to action and the federal government has a duty to help lead … Continue reading ""

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de Blasio in South Carolina

De Blasio also said he wants to mend the climate change issue that’s bringing flooding to the Holy City’s streets. “Global warming threatens Charleston and New York too, so many parts of the country are being impacted by this problem,” de Blasio says. “I was in Iowa a few days ago and the flooding is … Continue reading ""


Williamson on climate change

Williamson goes well beyond the Green New Deal in addressing climate change: Our urgent goal is not just to hold temperature increases as close as possible to where they are now, but instead to reverse global warming back to more long-term sustainable levels. The current Paris Accords don’t go far enough…. The United States and … Continue reading ""


Tim Ryan on China tariffs, environmental policy and immigration

On the Green New Deal: Ryan has not signed onto the House Democrats’ Green New Deal legislation, but said he supported taking action on climate change. “I embrace a Green New Deal, I just think we have to have public-private partnerships if we’re going to get there. We have to align the environmental incentives with … Continue reading ""

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Climate tweets on Sanders

.@VarshPrakash leading off here at #GreenNewDeal event in DC. @aoc, @SenSanders / @BernieSanders and @EdMarkey set to speak tonight. — Zack Colman (@zcolman) May 13, 2019 And now @BernieSanders comes onto the stage to "Bernie!" chants. "It sounds like you guys are ready for a revolution," he says. — Zack Colman (@zcolman) May 14, … Continue reading ""


Sanders Aligns With Ocasio-Cortez on Climate as Biden Surges

Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders is highlighting his alliance with Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and her “Green New Deal” as he rallies progressive activists to try to blunt the momentum of Joe Biden in the nomination race.


Warren on climate change

Curiously absent from Warren’s long list of proposals, however, are detailed plans on some of the issues that Democratic voters say are their top priorities. Warren supports the Green New Deal, and her public lands plan has its own climate component, but she’s not yet offered a plan to address climate change as robust as … Continue reading ""

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Sanders to join Ocasio-Cortez at rally as climate fight heats up

Environmental groups, which range from grassroots activists to established groups like the League of Conservation Voters to organizations backed by megadonors Michael Bloomberg and Tom Steyer, are pushing candidates to release plans and commit to pursuing them early in their presidency.

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