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Cambio Climático Y Justicia Ambiental

El cambio climático es la amenaza existencial de nuestro tiempo, pero también nos presenta una oportunidad para reconstruir nuestra infraestructura y reconstruir la clase media mientras reactivamos nuestra economía para que funcione con energía 100% limpia. Los latinos, particularmente los latinos que hablan español, están muy enterados y conscientes de la amenaza que representa el … Continue reading ""

Warren for President

Sanders in Iowa

@BernieSanders focusing on climate. Calls for passage of a Green New Deal, which he says will create ‘20 million good-paying union jobs’. Speaks to the horrific bush fires in Australia. Says such fires will continue around the world ‘if we don’t get our act together” #IACaucus


Sanders scored a big climate endorsement. How it could help

The Sunrise Movement is throwing its weight behind Bernie Sanders’ presidential campaign, offering the Vermont senator a 50-state volunteer base and a tighter grip on young voters, one of his most important constituencies.


It’s going to take bold plans and a grassroots movement fighting together to defeat the climate crisis. I’m grateful for @SunriseMvmt’s leadership in this fight, and I’m proud to fight alongside them for a #GreenNewDeal that rebuilds our economy powered by 100% clean energy.


Steyer in South Carolina

1. What would you do now and in the future to address climate change’s impact, particularly for poor and rural residents of coastal communities? Climate change is impacting the poor and natural disasters are sinking vulnerable communities further into poverty. Under my Administration on day one, I will declare climate a national emergency and address … Continue reading ""

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