Amy Klobuchar ended her presidential campaign on March 2, 2020.

In her own words: “2018 was the fourth-hottest year on record globally, and another near-record year for U.S. weather and climate related natural disasters. From the floods in the Midwest to the forest fires in the West to intensifying storms and hurricanes across the country, we have already seen the devastating, consequences of a changing climate and the toll it takes on people. Addressing the climate crisis is an urgent priority for our communities, for our economy and for our planet. That’s why on day one of my presidency, I will get us back into the International Climate Change Agreement. And then on day two and day three, I will bring back the clean power rules and gas mileage standards that the Obama administration put into place.”

(Source: candidate survey)

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Where do the 2020 Democratic candidates stand on the climate crisis?

All the candidates have pledged to end new fossil fuel operations on federal lands, after the Trump administration approved new leases for oil drilling on federal land in California in December. But how else do their plans compare on climate and California?

the Guardian

Klobuchar in Colorado

“I’m not in favor of energy development on public lands with drilling and the like. You have to look at every case and say does this make sense for the local area … We want to have spaces where people can go. We want to have spaces that aren’t filled with buildings otherwise we’ll lose … Continue reading ""


Climate tweets on Klobuchar

”This is a crisis, and a lot of our plans are very similar to get to carbon neutral,” said @amyklobuchar. “When it comes to putting a price on carbon, we have to make sure that money goes back directly as dividends to the people that need help paying their bills.” #DemDebates


Klobuchar in Nevada

“Day one get back into the International Climate Change Agreement,” says Klobuchar. “Clean power rules, something that’s been negotiated over many years in the Obama Administration, and many of our power companies already believe they can make it.” Klobuchar also stated that solar power and gas mileage standards would be a priority and possibly a … Continue reading ""


Editorial: Amy Klobuchar will change the tone of national politics

[Klobuchar] understands the seriousness of climate change and advocates a carbon tax as part of a plan to make the country carbon neutral by 2050. If elected, she would immediately return the United States to the Paris Agreement, from which President Trump withdrew in 2017.

The Mercury News

Buttigieg, Klobuchar and Sanders in New Hampshire

Climate change was a major topic for Buttigieg, Klobuchar and Sanders, with all three in agreement that the government needs to shift the economy away from fossil fuels. Buttigieg said that his administration would create a carbon tax rebate system to shift the economy to a carbon neutral system, while Sanders pointed to the Green … Continue reading ""

The Dartmouth

Climate tweets on Klobuchar

@BernieSanders .@amyklobuchar says Mexico, Canada, and the U.S. have to work together to take on climate. “It is bringing back the clean power rules. It is bringing back the gas mileage standards. And it is introducing sweeping legislation to put a price on carbon.” #DemDembate