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De Blasio in Nevada

I want to say I’m a believer in the Green New Deal, so much so that I’m implementing it right now in New York City. This is a real differentiator, I want to say upfront. A lot of good people in this race — very few of them have had to take plans and put … Continue reading ""

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De Blasio in Iowa

As president, de Blasio said he envisions policies that encourage cities to act on climate change, starting with large urban areas where the “most profound and fast change can be made.” “We have a survival challenge,” he said. “We have not even come close to addressing it.” De Blasio pointed to his own city’s passage … Continue reading ""

Iowa City Press-Citizen

By taking on the fossil fuel industry, creating new clean economy jobs and building greater resiliency citywide, Bill is confronting our climate crisis and demonstrating to the world what a Green New Deal looks like in practice. -Team de Blasio #DemDebate


de Blasio tweets

Climate change is a global emergency and in NYC we are doing everything in our power to combat it. We’re suing the big fossil fuel companies because they are complicit in the deadly consequences of climate disasters. — Bill de Blasio (@BilldeBlasio) June 11, 2019 We’re divesting billions of dollars from fossil fuel companies … Continue reading ""


De Blasio on climate change

De Blasio recently rolled out a bold new plan to safeguard vulnerable parts of New York City, particularly lower Manhattan, from flooding and sea-level rise. He also backed city council legislation that financially penalizes the owners of large buildings that do not significantly reduce their carbon emissions. While de Blasio held a rally in support … Continue reading ""

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