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Biden in Nevada

On wildfires and climate change Biden took a dig at President Donald Trump for blaming wildfires last year on a lack of raking of forest floors and reiterated his plan to take the country to zero emissions by the year 2050. “That’s why we should be focusing on alternative energy, wind, and solar,” Biden said. … Continue reading ""

The Nevada Independent

In response to a climate policy question, Biden said, “I have the most far-reaching policy that’s within reach.” @mikememoli says: “I thought that was sort of a perfect encapsulation for how Joe Biden views this primary.” #MTPDaily


The Biden Plan for Rural America

Invest in wind and solar energy. President Obama put Vice President Biden in charge of the Recovery Act, which invested more than $90 billion in clean energy technology. Those investments contributed to a doubling of the share of domestically produced wind turbine components and produced a dramatic decreasein solar costs, making wind and solar power cost-competitive. Biden will build on the … Continue reading ""

Joe Biden for President

Biden plan seeks to boost rural America through investments

The plan builds on policies the former vice president has already released on health care and climate change. It sets the ambitious goal of making America’s agriculture industry the first in the world to achieve net-zero emissions.


Biden in New Hampshire

Hailey Brown-Bloom, who said she will turn 18 soon, said climate change is a top issue for her, and she questions whether Biden is the candidate to tackle it. “I’m really intrigued by the idea of a younger president — putting a new generation in office, I think that’s something we really need at this … Continue reading ""

Biden in New Hampshire

As Motown classics pumped through the sound system, McIntyre said he was also concerned about the future of the middle class. “I won’t be old enough to vote in the primary but I will be for the general election in 2020,” he said. “Climate change is very important. We need to be tougher on China … Continue reading ""

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