In his own words: “Simply put, this is about our kids, their future and quality of life. I talk a lot on the campaign trail, and even in my rollout of my climate policy video, about my grandkids. We and they are staring down the barrel of a climate disaster. And there’s no wall high enough to protect any of us from pollution, rising tides, or intensifying storms. We cannot shirk from our responsibility to take a leadership role in solving this global crisis. Every day that passes with the Trump Administration increases the urgency of acting to mitigate and adapt and makes our work that much harder to keep the American people healthy and safe and to ensure that all our communities are well-prepared for future climate impacts. 

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Democratic Candidates Position Themselves as Climate Hawks Going into Primary Season

Throughout last night’s Democratic presidential debate, there were signs of the strong progressive push on climate action that is animating the presidential race as it reaches a critical moment.

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Biden in California

Q: We’ve seen devastating wildfires across California. One big question is whether or not to rebuild. How would you balance that as president. Does the federal government pay to relocate people or — A: Look, the federal government, we have a $1.7 trillion project. We have to get to net-zero emissions. We have to start … Continue reading ""


Climate tweets on Biden

”I’ve been fighting [climate change] for a long time. I headed up the Recovery Act, which put more money into moving away from fossil fuels and into solar and wind energy that ever has occurred in the history of America.” – @JoeBiden #DemDebate


Trump wants to ignore climate science when making infrastructure decisions. In the Biden Administration, every dollar spent toward rebuilding our roads, bridges, buildings, the electric grid, and our water infrastructure will be used to reduce and withstand a changing climate.


.@JoeBiden is trying to quickly run through some of his priorities. On climate: – Rejoin the Paris Climate Accord – Hold a summit in DC to raise the requirements – He touts his rural agriculture plan