In his own words: “Simply put, this is about our kids, their future and quality of life. I talk a lot on the campaign trail, and even in my rollout of my climate policy video, about my grandkids. We and they are staring down the barrel of a climate disaster. And there’s no wall high enough to protect any of us from pollution, rising tides, or intensifying storms. We cannot shirk from our responsibility to take a leadership role in solving this global crisis. Every day that passes with the Trump Administration increases the urgency of acting to mitigate and adapt and makes our work that much harder to keep the American people healthy and safe and to ensure that all our communities are well-prepared for future climate impacts. 

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Joe Biden Climate Change News Feed

Joe Biden knows how to rally the world to meet the climate crisis because he’s done it before. Biden worked alongside President Obama to get the world—including China—to agree to the Paris Accord; and he will be prepared on day one of his presidency to push beyond those goals.


It’s important to have a plan that meets the urgency of this climate crisis. But it’s going to take more than plans—it’s going to take leadership. Biden has the relationships with key foreign leaders and the experience to get this done. #DemDebate


.@JoeBiden is asked how voters can trust him to take action on Climate change when he has fundraisers with Fossil Fuel execs. Biden pushes back, asking, “If you have a 401k, do you have an investment in an oil company? Does that disqualify you to be engaged?”


Highlights from CNN's Climate Town Hall

For the first time in history, 10 leading Democratic presidential candidates gathered in prime time to answer in-depth questions about how they would combat the climate crisis and mitigate climate impacts. Here are some highlights from each of the candidates.


Biden Defends Attending Fundraiser Co-Hosted By A Founder Of Fossil Fuel Company

I am committed to not raising money from fossil fuel executives,” Biden said at the event, co-hosted by one of the founders of natural gas company Western LNG.


Biden at CNN Climate Town Hall

”He’s dead wrong across the board… We’ve got to start choosing science over fantasy.” Joe Biden says since Trump pulled out of the Paris climate accord, there’s no global leadership on climate. If he were president, “there would be no empty chair” at the G7. #ClimateTownHall