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In her own words: “I have seen communities around my home state of New York dramatically affected by pollution and know that the consequences of ignoring climate change are dire. From Hoosick Falls, where corporate greed resulted in the poisoning of families and has devastated economy security, to the tragic death and destruction from Super Storm Sandy, it should be clear to everyone that we need to act now. This is more than just about environmental policy. It’s a social injustice that children in the Bronx have asthma rates much higher than the national average and that extreme weather like Hurricane Irene can force a family from their home and destroy communities. But we have an opportunity to address these wrongs, while creating jobs and building innovative and new industries. This is a challenge that is worth fighting for, and as president combating climate change will be a national priority.”

(Source: candidate survey)

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Natalie made sure Climate justice was talked about and at the front of people’s minds at the event! The 2020 candidates can NOT forget that #ThisIsZeroHour to act on climate and that anything other than radical urgent action on the issue is unacceptable.⁣


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50 years ago today, we put a man on the moon. When President Kennedy made that our goal, he didn’t know if it was possible. He just knew we should try. The Green New Deal is our moonshot. Let this be a reminder that when we’re brave, America rises to the occasion—and we win.


Gillibrand in Iowa

Speaking of Gillibrand’s biofuels plan, the easiest way to get to know the Senator might be through her position on the Green New Deal. Climate change is the biggest threat to America, she said, and tornadoes and floods have already killed people. That’s why she will make sure the Green New Deal bill becomes law. … Continue reading ""

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.@SenGillibrand sounds the alarm over the climate change crisis: “I believe that global climate change is the greatest threat to humanity,” calls it “the most important part of my presidency and an issue I’m willing to lose everything over.” #NN19


Global climate change is the biggest threat to our well-being, @SenGillibrand says, promising to pass Green New Deal to guarantee clean air and clean water and create green jobs and infrastructure. Agrees carbon neutrality is like aiming for the moon [which is a part of Mars].


Gillibrand, who doesn’t have her own climate policy plan, said she supports a path to a #GreenNewDeal. Says fighting climate change is the “greatest threat” today and an issue she’s willing to lose over. She also calls for a Carbon Tax and plan for net-zero emissions in 10 yrs


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Because she sees global climate change as the biggest threat to humanity, Gillibrand said she would pass the Green New Deal and put a price on carbon. She would also reward those who enter a STEM field in the workforce. “As president, I will not only reengage on the global climate accord, but I will … Continue reading ""