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What critics of Bernie Sanders’ climate plan are missing

Bernie Sander’s $16 trillion climate plan, which he calls the Green New Deal, would transition the electricity and transportation sectors to renewable energy by 2030, allegedly create 240,000 jobs a year, and essentially nationalize the nation’s power sector. Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and legions of climate activists have thrown their support behind the proposal, arguing the … Continue reading ""


At Fresno Rally, Bernie Sanders Calls Climate Change A Global Crisis, Touts Green New Deal

Targeting wealth inequality and the climate change crisis, Democratic presidential hopeful Sen. Bernie Sanders addressed a large crowd at Fresno City College Friday amid a sea of “Bernie” signs and episodic chants of his first name.


Sanders on climate change

In an interview with The Bee, Sanders said the 20 million jobs the Green New Deal will create should be enough to get skeptics on board, even those in the Valley who still doubt climate change is real and urgent. “It will be an economic boon to this country,” he said.


2020 candidates must talk climate

The moderators of the fourth presidential primary debate did not ask a single question about climate change even though almost 80% of Democratic primary voters nationwide say that a candidate’s position on climate change is very important to them.

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The Biden Plan to Invest in Middle Class Competitiveness

Joe Biden is running for president to rebuild the middle class—and this time make sure everyone comes along. Toward that end, Biden is calling for a transformational investment in our country’s infrastructure and future: $1.3 trillion over ten years, to equip the American middle class to compete and win in the global economy, to move … Continue reading ""

Joe Biden for President