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Yang on climate change

In both the debate and a Business Insider Today town hall in April, Yang said he believed that a universal basic income would help solve climate change by “getting the boot off people’s necks” so that they’re no longer struggling financially could focus on climate change.

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Climate tweets on Gillibrand

Natalie made sure Climate justice was talked about and at the front of people’s minds at the event! The 2020 candidates can NOT forget that #ThisIsZeroHour to act on climate and that anything other than radical urgent action on the issue is unacceptable.⁣


Warren on climate change

As an antidote, Warren called for a $2 trillion investment in environmental research, manufacturing and exports over the next decade to revitalize the industrial base. She estimated such investment would create more than 1 million jobs while also addressing climate change issues.


Democratic Debates: 5 Big Questions About Round Two for 2020 Candidates

Will there be more discussion of climate change? Immigration and health care were the biggest topics of conversation in the first debates, while the economy got a lot of attention on night one. But some have been critical of the fact that climate change was discussed so little in the debates: Across four hours of air … Continue reading ""

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Delaney on climate change

Presidential candidate and businessman Rep. John Delaney says that Trump is the only person benefiting from the deals he’s made in or out of the White House.


Dems debate in Motor City. Will cars and climate be a focus?

Environmentalists say one topic should take center stage at the Democratic presidential debates in Detroit next week. It’s car companies and their contribution to climate change.

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Poll: Early state Democratic voters care about climate change

New CBS News polling of 18,550 registered voters shows that 78% of Democratic voters in 18 early primary and caucus states view climate change as “very important” in the 2020 election. More »