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The Leadership Agenda

[Included in plan:] Addressing the threat to humankind calls on the United States to lead the rest of the world towards a carbon-free future. Alongside our forthcoming comprehensive plan to address the climate crisis, my administration will lead a global effort to limit emissions, adapt to a changing planet, and reduce our global reliance on … Continue reading ""


Steyer in Iowa

.@TomSteyer speaks at a “meet and greet” in Council Bluffs on the morning the Senate impeachment trial of President Trump began. The billionaire spent a lot of money on his Need to Impeach PAC which ran ads in Iowa. He says climate change is his top priority. #iacaucus


Cambio Climático Y Justicia Ambiental

El cambio climático es la amenaza existencial de nuestro tiempo, pero también nos presenta una oportunidad para reconstruir nuestra infraestructura y reconstruir la clase media mientras reactivamos nuestra economía para que funcione con energía 100% limpia. Los latinos, particularmente los latinos que hablan español, están muy enterados y conscientes de la amenaza que representa el … Continue reading ""

Warren for President

Let’s say a lawmaker wants to hold a hearing on climate change. All the Kochs & other billionaires have to do is rattle the coins in their pockets & threaten to fund the primary opponent in that lawmaker’s next election. Just like that, the climate hearing is dropped.


First question VICE News asks @BernieSanders: “What will you do to specifically protect the people of Puerto Rico from the climate crisis?” Bernie: “I will work with San Juan Mayor @CarmenYulinCruz… We should pool our resources and fight our common enemy: climate change”


An attendee asks @PeteButtigieg why he accepts money from members of the fossil fuel industry, adding that younger voters are not convinced by his plan. Buttigieg reminds the crowd he signed a pledge to not accept fossil fuel money, stressing he wants a carbon tax. #IACaucus