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Democrats tout plans for Indian Country, urge voter access at second-ever Native American presidential candidate forum

Before joining the event, Warren tweeted about the U.S. military’s pending proposal to expand the Naval Air Station Fallon in Nevada by about 600,000 acres — a plan that the Las Vegas Paiute Tribe has opposed — and promised that as president she would seek “free prior, informed consent” from tribes on decisions affecting their lands. The Massachusetts senator … Continue reading ""


Bennet in New Hampshire

Another aspect of The Real Deal is climate change policy. Bennet’s plan includes conserving 30 percent of America’s lands and ocean waters by 2030, requiring power providers to offer zero-emission energy to every household and business and allocating payments to agriculture workers to sequester carbon. With the limited support behind climate change initiatives in the … Continue reading ""

Climate tweets on Sanders

Following Elko stop, @BernieSanders campaign issues statement pointing out that his vow to block drilling on federal lands includes Ruby Mountains: “we will immediately end all new and existing fossil fuel extraction on federal public lands, including Nevada’s Ruby Mountains”


Climate tweets on Bullock

Shared ownership and stewardship of our public lands is a fundamental part of what it means to be an American,” said @GovernorBullock’s campaign recently, when he announced a sweeping plan to protect public lands.


Of all the market-moving tweets these days, one in particular from Democratic presidential hopeful Sen. Elizabeth Warren is sending shivers through the oil industry. “On my first day as president, I will sign an executive order that puts a total moratorium on all new fossil fuel leases for drilling offshore and on public lands,” she tweeted … Continue reading ""


Bennet in Arizona

There were many questions asked about climate change, another issue Bennet feels strongly about. When asked about Colorado’s favorable ratings for air and water quality, he argued for the need to regulate both at a federal level in order for all states to enjoy the same benefits. He stated the need to fight for conservation, … Continue reading ""

The Arizona State Press

O'Rourke in New Hampshire

O’Rourke has promised to reverse the Trump administration’s expansion of offshore oil drilling and end leases for any new drilling offshore through executive action on the first day as president. He reiterates that promise in his fisheries plan. His $5 trillion, 10-year climate plan, released in May, would spend $250 billion for research and development, with … Continue reading ""


We are facing a conservation crisis – it's time to fully fund the Land and Water Conservation Fund

By Gene Karpinski, LCV President While a number of strategies should be undertaken to address the decline of natural systems—including reducing pollution and taking other steps to fight climate change—one of the most effective ways is simply to preserve more land and water in their natural state. That is why a growing number of scientists … Continue reading ""


Buttigieg in Nevada

For Nevadans, issues that stand out include public land use, climate change and labor unions. “The real attack on the integrity of public lands” is important in a state where 85 percent of the land is federally owned, and climate issues are “a little bit different here, not just because there’s a lot of climate … Continue reading ""

Las Vegas Review-Journal

While in Congress, my proposal to protect 7,000 acres of wilderness was signed into law as Trump desperately tried to shrink environmental protections. On Public Lands Day & every day that follows, I’ll never stop fighting for clean air, safe drinking water, and our environment.