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People First Indigenous Communities Policy

[Included in plan:] End leasing of federal lands for fossil fuel exploration and extraction to protect lands that have traditional religious and cultural importance to Indigenous communities and require free, prior, and informed consent from indigenous communities for major infrastructure projects on these federal lands. Expand the U.S. Department of Energy’s Tribal Energy Program to … Continue reading "—————————#2-commitments"

Julián Castro Policies for 2020

Warren tweets

Anyone want a thread of @ewarren’s plans to fight climate change? — Team Warren (@TeamWarren) July 12, 2019 Here’s Elizabeth’s plan to stop fossil fuel drilling, promote renewables, and protect our public lands: — Team Warren (@TeamWarren) July 12, 2019 Here’s Elizabeth’s plan to invest $2 trillion in the research, development, and manufacturing … Continue reading ""


Bennet in California

Bennet has released a plan to deal with climate change based on reducing emissions while increasing job opportunities; conserving resources to improve economic opportunities for farmers, ranchers, and foresters; and investing in infrastructure, innovation and science domestically and globally. His plan includes making a commitment to conserve 30% of the nation’s lands and oceans by … Continue reading ""

NBC Southern California

There wasn’t a single mention of #publiclands in either #DemDebate. If we don’t break the grip of dark money on our political system and actually start solving the climate crisis, we’ll destroy these beautiful places before we’re able to pass them down to the next generation.