In her own words: “When it comes to climate change, our very existence is at stake. I have an 8-year-old grandson, and I think about what the world is going to be like when he’s 38. Will it be a place where our cities are underwater part of the time? Will it be a place where the Midwest has burned up? Where we’ve lost some of our great forests? Will it be a place where large parts of the oceans are dead? Will it be a place where people around the world are just fighting for clean water? We’re running out of time to make change, and right now, Washington refuses to lift a finger without permission from the fossil fuel companies. That’s dangerous and wrong. We are the wealthiest nation in the history of the world – of course we can afford to make real investments in renewable energy, green infrastructure, and a Green New Deal. We must meet the urgency of the moment, and I’m in this fight all the way.”

(Source: candidate survey)

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Cambio Climático Y Justicia Ambiental

El cambio climático es la amenaza existencial de nuestro tiempo, pero también nos presenta una oportunidad para reconstruir nuestra infraestructura y reconstruir la clase media mientras reactivamos nuestra economía para que funcione con energía 100% limpia. Los latinos, particularmente los latinos que hablan español, están muy enterados y conscientes de la amenaza que representa el … Continue reading ""

Warren for President

When explaining her climate change proposal, Warren ALWAYS says this and gets huge applause: “I’m going to say something that is really controversial in Washington, but I feel safe here in Des Moines, to talk about this. Okay, back me up here. Okay. I believe in science.


Warren in Iowa

Next Q on environmental disparity. Warren: I’m going to start in different place but I’ll come back to question. Goes into her standard climate change argument. First, I will do everything a president can do “all by herself.” There is a lot. #IACaucus


Democrats tout plans for Indian Country, urge voter access at second-ever Native American presidential candidate forum

Before joining the event, Warren tweeted about the U.S. military’s pending proposal to expand the Naval Air Station Fallon in Nevada by about 600,000 acres — a plan that the Las Vegas Paiute Tribe has opposed — and promised that as president she would seek “free prior, informed consent” from tribes on decisions affecting their lands. The Massachusetts senator … Continue reading ""


Democratic Candidates Position Themselves as Climate Hawks Going into Primary Season

Throughout last night’s Democratic presidential debate, there were signs of the strong progressive push on climate action that is animating the presidential race as it reaches a critical moment.

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