In her own words: “When it comes to climate change, our very existence is at stake. I have an 8-year-old grandson, and I think about what the world is going to be like when he’s 38. Will it be a place where our cities are underwater part of the time? Will it be a place where the Midwest has burned up? Where we’ve lost some of our great forests? Will it be a place where large parts of the oceans are dead? Will it be a place where people around the world are just fighting for clean water? We’re running out of time to make change, and right now, Washington refuses to lift a finger without permission from the fossil fuel companies. That’s dangerous and wrong. We are the wealthiest nation in the history of the world – of course we can afford to make real investments in renewable energy, green infrastructure, and a Green New Deal. We must meet the urgency of the moment, and I’m in this fight all the way.”

(Source: candidate survey)

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Why can’t we get anything passed in Washington on climate? Corruption. The first thing I want to do as president is pass my anti-corruption bill so we can start making changes and stand up to the fossil fuel industry. #DemDebate


A Comprehensive Agenda to Boost America’s Small Businesses

[Included in plan:] The climate crisis is the challenge of our lifetime. Addressing it will require rapid innovation on par with the space race along with widespread domestic and international adoption of clean, renewable, and emission-free energy technologies. But like the challenges America has faced before, it is also an opportunity for American business: Transitioning … Continue reading ""


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We’re in love with @ElizabethWarren’s plans because they’ll actually make a difference for our communities. 💖 What would Elizabeth’s anti-corruption plan, Wealth Tax, and Blue New Deal mean for you and your family? Tap the link in our bio to read all of Elizabeth’s plans.