In her own words: “When it comes to climate change, our very existence is at stake. I have an 8-year-old grandson, and I think about what the world is going to be like when he’s 38. Will it be a place where our cities are underwater part of the time? Will it be a place where the Midwest has burned up? Where we’ve lost some of our great forests? Will it be a place where large parts of the oceans are dead? Will it be a place where people around the world are just fighting for clean water? We’re running out of time to make change, and right now, Washington refuses to lift a finger without permission from the fossil fuel companies. That’s dangerous and wrong. We are the wealthiest nation in the history of the world – of course we can afford to make real investments in renewable energy, green infrastructure, and a Green New Deal. We must meet the urgency of the moment, and I’m in this fight all the way.”

(Source: candidate survey)

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Overnight Energy: Warren wants Dems to hold climate-focused debate, Klobuchar joins candidates rejecting fossil fuel money, 2020 contender Bennet offers climate plan

WARREN BACKS CALLS FOR CLIMATE FOCUSED DEBATE: Presidential contender Elizabeth Warren is adding her voice to a chorus of candidates and environmental groups asking for a Democratic primary debate focused on climate. . . . KLOBUCHAR 13TH DEM CANDIDATE TO SIGN FOSSIL FUEL DONATIONS PLEDGE: Sen. Amy Klobuchar (D-Minn.) is joining the ranks of a dozen other 2020 presidential hopefuls in … Continue reading ""

The Hill

Elizabeth Warren has a plan: Enlisting the military to fight climate change

Sen. Elizabeth Warren has been rolling out sound, substantive policy proposals at an amazing clip during her presidential run. Her latest is also going to be introduced legislatively, and it’s a new policy area for her, one that demonstrates she’s been thinking about becoming commander in chief. Her Defense Climate Resiliency and Readiness Act would … Continue reading ""

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Warren on climate change

Climate change is real, it’s worsening by the day, and it’s undermining our military readiness. More and more, accomplishing the mission depends on our ability to continue operations in the face of floods, drought, wildfires, desertification, and extreme cold. — Elizabeth Warren (@ewarren) May 15, 2019 Senior military leaders have warned Congress of the national … Continue reading ""

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Presidential hopeful Warren unveils bill to protect U.S. military from climate change

Democratic presidential hopeful Senator Elizabeth Warren said on Wednesday she is introducing a bill to toughen the U.S. military against future climate change damage and reduce its greenhouse gas emissions at certain bases in a little over 10 years.


Elizabeth Warren introduces plan to reduce military's carbon footprint

Elizabeth Warren has a plan to prepare the military for climate change and minimize its carbon footprint, too. The Senate Armed Services Committee member and 2020 presidential candidate didn’t give a number on how much the plan would cost to implement, but it’s on top of hundreds of billions already allocated for the various other … Continue reading ""

CBS News

Elizabeth Warren Unveils Plan for Cleaner, Greener War Machine

In a Medium post outlining her proposal, Warren notes the toll that climate is already taking on America’s globe-spanning military bases, the extraordinary size of the Defense Department’s carbon footprint, and the various strategic challenges that climatic changes pose to American national security (or, in less euphemistic terms, global military dominance). “Nibbling around the edges … Continue reading ""


Warren on climate change

Curiously absent from Warren’s long list of proposals, however, are detailed plans on some of the issues that Democratic voters say are their top priorities. Warren supports the Green New Deal, and her public lands plan has its own climate component, but she’s not yet offered a plan to address climate change as robust as … Continue reading ""

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More Than 20 Democrats Want to Be President. Only 2 Have a Climate Change Plan.

Washington governor Jay Inslee and Texas congressman Beto O’Rourke want the US to be carbon-neutral within the next three decades. Both have unveiled detailed climate policy plans. Inslee would set milestones for three sectors that could drive major reductions: power, transportation and buildings. He has earned praise for his specificity. O’Rourke would also spend $5 … Continue reading ""

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