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In her own words: “The climate crisis is an existential threat to humanity. We are already feeling its effects, which will become increasingly intense and destructive. We MUST take IMMEDIATE and POWERFUL action NOW to reduce carbon emissions and to increase the resilience of communities to deal with the impacts of climate change.”

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Williamson in Iowa

If elected, she would reenter the U.S. in the Paris Climate Accords, push for further reductions in carbon emissions and advocate for carbon sequestration. “I do support a Green New Deal,” she said. “We can make a massive effort in this country that would be very job-creating. This is the question of our time, certainly … Continue reading ""

The Gazette

Williamson on climate change

Williamson goes well beyond the Green New Deal in addressing climate change: Our urgent goal is not just to hold temperature increases as close as possible to where they are now, but instead to reverse global warming back to more long-term sustainable levels. The current Paris Accords don’t go far enough…. The United States and … Continue reading ""


@marwilliamson “Our planet is in a situation where if we do not in the next twelve years answer the climate crisis in a fundamental way, we will face irreparable damage” @marwilliamson said, and that the people who got us into this political situation don’t have to be the ones to get us out.


@marwilliamson “I see the climate crisis as the greatest moral challenge of our generation. I’d immediately appoint a world-class environmentalist to the EPA.” Says @marwilliamson, “The day of fossil fuel companies” influencing how we address global warming, “would be over when I’m president.”


Williamson on climate change

Williamson believes action is needed to address climate change, and she has said she supports appointing a “world-class environmentalist” to head the Environmental Protection Agency. She supports halting all new fossil fuel projects, and restarting the Obama-era Clean Power Plan. Williamson would also place a temporary ban on new oil and gas fracking, and invest … Continue reading ""

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Bringing Spiritual Language and Energy to the Climate Emergency

Ezra Silk, Policy & Strategy Director of The Climate Mobilization and filmmaker and anti-fracking pioneer Josh Fox interview Democratic presidential candidate Marianne Williamson about her climate platform and her efforts to bring truth and the politics of love to the presidential race.

The Climate Mobilization