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In her own words: “The climate crisis is an existential threat to humanity. We are already feeling its effects, which will become increasingly intense and destructive. We MUST take IMMEDIATE and POWERFUL action NOW to reduce carbon emissions and to increase the resilience of communities to deal with the impacts of climate change.”

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Williamson on climate change

The climate crisis is the greatest moral challenge confronting our age. Our first responsibility is to declare the debate of climate change over. And we will not only stop it; we will reverse it. I will appoint a world-class environmentalist to head the EPA… Continued »


Like all other issues confronting us the climate crisis is a moral crisis. Humanity is at a crossroads: we need to choose between a system that allows greed to run rampant over the survival needs of the species, or a state of consciousness where such a thing would be unthinkable.


The Amazon burning is a reminder of humanity’s pathological irreverence toward the earth, a self-destructive dysfunction from which we will heal or possibly not even survive as a species. This is more than a climate crisis; it is a survival crisis, and it should be seen as such.


Marianne Williamson brought climate justice to the Democratic debate

It was spiritual healer Marianne Williamson, not either of the top-polling progressives (Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren), who invoked themes of environmental justice and equity during the portion of the debate dedicated to climate change and the environment.


Marianne Williamson just got her big moment talking climate change. She said: It’s bigger than Flint. It’s all over the country. It’s about environmental justice & ppl of color living in troubling conditions. Dems need to say that plainly. If not, why would ppl vote for us?


10 Dems will debate tonight. Here are their climate plans

Democratic candidates for president return to the stage tonight and tomorrow for a two-part debate in Detroit. Here’s what they plan to do about climate change.

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Williamson on climate change

“My presidency will support regenerative, sustainable agricultural practices that not only have highly profitable yields, but can also help turn the tide on climate change.” Besides moving towards more sustainable food options, Williamson’s plans for revitalizing our current climate involve re-establishing “humanity’s spiritual connection to nature” by completely shifting away from fossil fuel energy and … Continue reading ""

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