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Patrick on climate change

“Addressing climate change is a moral imperative as well as a matter of human survival — we must take immediate action to head off catastrophic damage to our planet’s climate. As president, I will prioritize climate change from day one. I will push immediately for major action that moves us to a carbon-free future, as … Continue reading ""


Patrick in New Hampshire

Most people don’t live their lives in policy silos, but instead at the intersection of multiple policy and personal choices. I spoke with NH folks at Nashua Community College today about issues like climate change and opioid addiction— and how we make change that lasts for them.


We must address climate change, a flourishing innovation economy helps us do that. Rather than seeing the future as a threat, we can shape our own future, and we can do it in a way that expands opportunity for working people and communities who feel left behind. #DevalDebates


Patrick in New Hampshire

Playing on the cliché on what he’d do on day one of his presidency, Patrick joked with League of Conservation Voters State Director Rob Werner that much of his first day would go toward finding the best route through the White House to his office, but re-entering the Paris Climate Accords would be another immediate … Continue reading ""

Interesting: faced with a “what would you do on day one” question about climate change, @DevalPatrick offers a very straight up “day one” answer: the first day would be about meshing with the emergency management team bc disasters inevitably come. #FITN #nhpolitics #WMUR


Patrick in Iowa

Climate change is so comprehensive a challenge, it affects everything,” Patrick said. “It affects how we live. It affects where we live, how we feed ourselves and deep issues of poverty and exclusion that have been with us for a long time and maybe that makes it hard for people to quite get their heads … Continue reading ""

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