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Yang on climate change

Following his speech, Yang fielded questions from the audience. Multiple students asked about Yang’s perspective on climate change, with one student expressing surprise that the topic is not higher on Yang’s list of campaign issues. Yang said that he takes the issue of climate change very seriously — in an interview with The Dartmouth following … Continue reading ""

The Dartmouth

Yang in Iowa

Lots of people of all sorts ask questions at presidential campaign events in Iowa. Usually, the people aren’t be-penguined. But half a dozen people dressed as penguins to ask Democratic presidential candidate Andrew Yang about climate change Sunday in Des Moines at a Franklin Junior High town hall event.

Des Moines Register

Yang in Iowa

A group of people in the front row dressed up as penguins. They asked Yang about climate change when he was quoted at a different rally saying the penguins can wait. Yang quickly responded saying climate change is an existential threat, but fixing it starts with his monthly universal basic income. “If you go to … Continue reading ""

Climate justice for black communities (at 14:24)

In an exclusive interview with The Root, presidential candidate Andrew Yang said that he is open to opening a federal inquiry into why the residents of Flint, Mich., have gone years without clean drinking water and agrees that environmental racism is behind the lack of a sequent response to the crisis.

The Root

Climate change is an existential threat that is about to speed up. Real solutions are needed. This is an area where our government has to lead to shift market incentives. Kudos to the lawmakers who are stepping up to propose big steps in the right direction.


Do you think climate change is on equal footing as universal basic income in terms of importance?

I think climate is an existential threat to our way of life, as the last four years have been the four warmest years on record. But I think the issues are actually incredibly intertwined, because if you have a population that can’t pay its bills, it’s very, very hard to get people focused on climate … Continue reading ""


Apparently the incentives for energy efficiency vary greatly across state lines based on differing costs. If the Federal government were to elevate the incentives in low-cost states it would help spur a reduction in both consumption and pollution.


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Climate change is an existential threat to humanity and our way of life. It should be a top priority of the federal government to implement policies to control anthropogenic climate change while working with other governments to implement these policies throughout the world…

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