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Yang in South Carolina

1. What would you do now and in the future to address climate change’s impact, particularly for poor and rural residents of coastal communities? The devastating effects of climate change are already affecting communities around the world. However, marginalized communities suffering from poverty or living in rural regions are particularly in danger. In his plan … Continue reading ""

Charleston City Paper

We go to Q&A. 1st guy thanks Yang for running, asks about climate change. Yang: candidates need to know climate change is here. Talks about fires in Australia. Lists couple things he would do, says big challenge is US is only 15% of the problem. #IACaucus


When asked how he‘ll hold fossil fuel execs accountable, @AndrewYang says, “If your company is fined more than $100 mil, than your leader has to go to jail.” Says to dissuade that kind of behavior, you need to “hit them where it hurts”, and that’s taking personal responsibility.


Yang in New Hampshire

.@AndrewYang is asked how his climate change action plan will be equitable for all Americans. “We all know, again, that the least among us will be impacted the most by climate change. & so we should have that as one of our top priorities…figure out how they’re not left behind.


The narrative that taking on climate change isn’t popular comes from the fossil fuel industry. The data tells a different story: -92% favor expanding solar farms -70% support a law requiring all new homes to have solar panels -63% say environmental regulations are worth the cost


Andrew Yang has a good answer for one of the toughest climate change questions

Climate change is already forcing people to move. Yang has a plan for getting them out of harm’s way.


Climate gets a prime spot in the sixth Democratic debate

After five Democratic debates where candidates were often asked superficial questions about climate change, or no questions at all, the burning planet finally got its 15 minutes of fame on Thursday night. Well, 13 minutes, if we’re being precise. But those 13 minutes contained one of the strongest climate discussions in the primary so far.


Democrats Finally Debate ‘Whether We Save the Planet’

The sixth Democratic presidential debate started as a rerun of previous debates, featuring discussions of impeachment and the economy without any of the candidates disagreeing in any fundamental way. But it did mark one major departure from every preceding debate this cycle, by featuring the first substantive exchange about the dangers raised by climate change … Continue reading ""

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