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Warren aims to win N.H. climate voters — just like in Iowa

Sen. Elizabeth Warren notched a little-noticed victory on her way to a third-place finish in Iowa. The Massachusetts Democrat won the highest share of Iowa voters who named climate change as their most important issue, according to an Associated Press exit poll of the caucuses.


Climate change among top concerns for Iowa Democratic caucus-goers

The night of the Iowa Democratic caucus ended in chaos and without an announced winner. One thing that is clear: Climate change was a top priority among caucus-goers.


Polling on climate change

For younger voters, climate change was nearly as important as health care as a top issue according to entrance polls.


”Climate change threatens every living thing on this planet,” Elizabeth Warren tells Iowans in a tele-town hall while she’s stuck in DC for impeachment. “I’m going to everything a president can do all by herself,” she adds, mentioning executive actions and invoking Jay Inslee.


Polling on climate change

The survey also found that two issues that have been front and center during the campaign were at the top of Iowa Democrats’ minds: health care and climate change.


In Flood-Ravaged Davenport, Iowa, Climate Is A Prime Issue For Some Voters

Davenport was devastated by 2019 floods in the Upper Mississippi. How are local business preparing for future floods, and what role does climate change play in their voting?

When @PeteButtigieg first came to Cedar Rapids, Iowa, in March 2019, he went into detail about similarities between Cedar Rapids/South Bend because both cities had experienced heavy flooding recently. Buttigieg once again highlights need to address climate change. #iacaucus


For many young evangelicals in Iowa, climate is front and centre

As Iowa kicks off 2020 US presidential primary and caucus season, young evangelicals are demanding climate action.