In his own words: “The science is in, climate change is real. The threat is not distant, it is here now. I am tired of just hearing about how we need to reduce climate change, it is time to start talking about how we are going to reverse it.

We have a real opportunity to innovate our way out of this crisis and create high paying jobs in the process. Clean energy is one of the highest growing sectors in our economy. Solar is growing at 25 percent; wind is growing at 16 percent. There are over 800 component parts in a wind turbine: iron, steel, cement, rebar. These are things we make in the United States. We need to get ahead of this and start investing in these industries — doing so can put thousands to work in communities across this country that have been hollow out by job losses.

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Tim Ryan on China tariffs, environmental policy and immigration

On the Green New Deal: Ryan has not signed onto the House Democrats’ Green New Deal legislation, but said he supported taking action on climate change. “I embrace a Green New Deal, I just think we have to have public-private partnerships if we’re going to get there. We have to align the environmental incentives with … Continue reading ""

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We have so many challenges right now: climate change, a racist criminal justice system, food security, and more. We have to lead the world in solving these challenges. – @TimRyan #nysutRA #AFTvotes


The American people deserve a president who will fight for them—not one who guts workers’ rights, undermines their health care, or ignores climate change. We’ve got to get America back on track.


There is no planet B. We have a responsibility to take care of of the one we have now. And that means taking the necessary steps to combat climate change today—we cannot wait any longer for action. #EarthDay


We need a president who believes in science, not science fiction. The United States is supposed to be leading the way to combat climate change. But instead, this Administration is ignoring the experts, military leaders, and the American people. That will change in 2020.


Ryan on climate change

Ryan, who announced this month he’s running for president, said one reason he’s concerned is that he doesn’t think the answers to issues like climate change are going to come from a “centralized bureaucracy” in Washington. “I’m concerned about it because if we are going to decarbonize the economy, it’s not going to be some … Continue reading ""


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Spoke to @chrislhayes about my first domestic policy priority as president: creating an industrial policy that brings together the public and private sectors to dominate emerging technology sectors, create jobs, and combat climate change. Watch below ⬇️


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Yesterday, I spoke to WMUR-TV and New Hampshire voters about how we can get everyone on board to combat climate change. We need to all move in the same direction in order to protect our…


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And when you talk about Green New Deal, I support a green new deal, which means we’ve got to reverse what’s happening with our climate, and that could mean jobs in places like Youngstown, Ohio, and the industrial Midwest because there’s so much that needs to be manufactured, again, electric vehicles, solar, wind, where there’s … Continue reading ""

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Ryan on climate change

We need to pay farmers to sequester carbon,” Ryan said. “Farmers can be a big part of reversing climate change because they can help with some regenerative agricultural techniques, such as no-till farming, cover crops.” No-tillage farming is a technique that reduces erosion and cover crops are planted to also manage soil erosion, fertility and … Continue reading ""