In his own words: “The science is in, climate change is real. The threat is not distant, it is here now. I am tired of just hearing about how we need to reduce climate change, it is time to start talking about how we are going to reverse it.

We have a real opportunity to innovate our way out of this crisis and create high paying jobs in the process. Clean energy is one of the highest growing sectors in our economy. Solar is growing at 25 percent; wind is growing at 16 percent. There are over 800 component parts in a wind turbine: iron, steel, cement, rebar. These are things we make in the United States. We need to get ahead of this and start investing in these industries — doing so can put thousands to work in communities across this country that have been hollow out by job losses.

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Tim Ryan Climate Change News Feed

Presidential candidate @RepTimRyan joins us now to talk about his plan to fight climate change, and how he sees a path victory even though he didn’t make the third debate. “People aren’t talking about agriculture. I’m leading with regenerative agriculture.”


Announcing First Wave of Presidential Candidates to Participate in Climate Forum 2020

Georgetown’s Institute of Politics and Public Service at the McCourt School of Public Policy (GU Politics), MSNBC, Our Daily Planet, and New York Magazine are pleased to announce that several 2020 Presidential candidates from both sides of the aisle have confirmed their participation in the “Climate Forum 2020”, a two-day forum featuring 2020 Presidential candidates … Continue reading ""

GU Politics

Presidential hopeful Tim Ryan calls for climate debate

Tim Ryan, Ohio congressman and presidential hopeful, is calling for a climate-focused debate in Youngstown after the Democratic National Committee rejected a resolution that would have allowed single-issue debates featuring multiple candidates.

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Delaney, Ryan in New Hampshire

Ryan and Delaney talked about plans to incentivize businesses to reach zero net emissions by 2050, the year that the United Nations agrees is a tipping point for being able to combat climate change because the atmosphere will warm by 1.5 degrees Celsius. Ryan focused on bringing farmers into the climate change conversation through education … Continue reading ""


Democratic presidential hopefuls keep it brief on ag policies at Iowa State Fair speeches

Although ethanol and renewable fuels were broached often in previous elections in Iowa, including in 2008, many presidential hopefuls shifted the conversation to trade and climate change when talking about agriculture. Ohio Rep. Tim Ryan, former Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper, Washington Gov. Jay Inslee called for greener farming techniques, and Ryan said regenerative farming could … Continue reading ""

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