In her own words: “We have entered the era of climate consequences. From wildfires in the west, to hurricanes in the east, and floods in the heartland, one thing is clear: We need bold action on the existential climate crisis.

This is an urgent fight, because while the threat is great, so is the opportunity. With American ingenuity and imagination, we can fight climate change, build a clean economy that creates good paying jobs for the future, and tackle environmental and economic injustice head on. That means modernizing our transportation, energy, and water infrastructure. It means accelerating the spread of electric vehicles, solar panels, and wind turbines. And it means making bold investments in R&D and innovative technologies to build a carbon free future. And it also means using this opportunity to take on our climate crisis by creating good paying jobs of the future for historically dislocated workers, veterans, formerly incarcerated, and other communities on the front lines of climate impacts.

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Kamala Harris Climate Change News Feed

Talking climate change in Davenport, IA, Senator Kamala Harris quotes fellow 2020er Jay Inslee, saying, “‘This is a president that wind turbines that cause cancer,’ which the president has actually said, and then Inslee goes on to say, ‘they don’t cause cancer, they cause jobs.’


Harris in New Hampshire

The senator from California tackled taxes, immigration, the border crisis and climate change. “We will acknowledge that climate change is real and it represents an existential threat to us as a species,” Harris said.


Harris on climate change

Let me start by saying something that shouldn’t be debatable — climate change is real. We shouldn’t even have to state that obvious truth, but today the president and his administration are pushing science fiction instead of science fact. We need bold action on climate change before it’s too late… Continued »


Harris on climate change

Another example: Harris has endorsed the “Green New Deal,” the ambitious climate change plan proposed by Rep. Alexandria Ocasio Cortez (D-N.Y.). But Harris hasn’t embraced the plan’s most controversial features, such as a federal job guarantee for every working-age American. And she’s been silent on other leading proposals, including a federal carbon tax. That’s left … Continue reading ""

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Final observation from this Sioux City, Iowa, event for @KamalaHarris: I’ve asked multiple ppl over months about their top priorities. They often cite health care + climate change. There’s an addition: The care of immigrants. Many are dismayed w/ the detention centers. #iacaucus


Kamala Harris risks scorn of enviros for failing to craft climate plan

Despite having endorsed the Green New Deal, some activists say Democratic 2020 candidate Kamala Harris risks blunting her rise in the polls after a strong performance in the first Democratic debate if she doesn’t soon propose her own policies to combat climate change.

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Harris in Iowa

Plus, she says people need to acknowledge climate change. “This is real business. We know if we don’t act it will be to our children’s peril. It’s one of the reasons we need a new president in the United States.


Although the Harris/Biden busing issue is the talk of media Twitter, it’s worth noting that the voters @bcrodriguez and I talked to at this house party are *not* following the post-debate twists and turns super closely. Crowd questions were about climate, criminal justice, etc.


.@KamalaHarris in Council Bluffs, Iowa, tonight is running through her plans for gun control, affordable health care, climate change and foreign policy. “We need a new commander-in-chief!” Harris says, a line she uses often. The crowd loves it though. Loud applause. #iacaucus