Kamala Harris ended her presidential campaign on December 3, 2019.

In her own words: “We have entered the era of climate consequences. From wildfires in the west, to hurricanes in the east, and floods in the heartland, one thing is clear: We need bold action on the existential climate crisis.

This is an urgent fight, because while the threat is great, so is the opportunity. With American ingenuity and imagination, we can fight climate change, build a clean economy that creates good paying jobs for the future, and tackle environmental and economic injustice head on. That means modernizing our transportation, energy, and water infrastructure. It means accelerating the spread of electric vehicles, solar panels, and wind turbines. And it means making bold investments in R&D and innovative technologies to build a carbon free future. And it also means using this opportunity to take on our climate crisis by creating good paying jobs of the future for historically dislocated workers, veterans, formerly incarcerated, and other communities on the front lines of climate impacts.

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Harris in Iowa

Asked why the severity of climate change isn’t addressed more on the 2020 trail, @KamalaHarris immediately points to her record of creating an environmental justice unit in SF to prosecute polluters & suing the big oil companies when AG in California


Kamala Harris: As climate crisis makes fires worse, here are some solutions

This isn’t normal. We’ve always had wildfires, but not like this. Hurricane-force winds, simultaneous blazes raging with no end in sight, mass blackouts to prevent the next catastrophe. With every passing wildfire season, the threat gets more intense and the strain on families and communities intensifies.


Watch 2020 Presidential Candidates Discuss their Views on Climate Change on Weather Channel’s Race to Save The Planet Forum

The Weather Channel aired its 2020: Race to Save the Planet on November 7. Each candidate had time to speak about climate change, why they think about it and how it affects their lives. Dr. Rick Knabb conducted the interviews. Interviews were focused on infrastructure, the question of “What keeps you up at night?,” environmental … Continue reading "https://www.onegreenplanet.org/environment/presidential-candidates-climate-change-weather-channels-race-to-save-the-planet/"

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