Cory Booker ended his presidential campaign on January 13, 2020.

In his own words: “I was taught from a young age that we must work to help those less fortunate than we are. While climate change is a threat to all of us, it is low income communities, communities of color and indigenous communities who today and in the future will suffer the most from climate change. As a Senator I have made environmental justice a top priority, and I will continue to do so on the campaign trail and in the White House — and there is no bigger environmental justice issue than climate change.

Further, I draw motivation to take bold action to address the climate crisis from my faith. 

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Booker in Iowa

Booker said addressing climate change is so important, it will be “the lens through which we view everything. I feel an existential urgency on this. I will find more ways for people to care about this issue.” Part of Booker’s climate change plan includes recruiting farmers and ranchers to be part of the solution. He … Continue reading ""

The Quad-City Times

Letter to the Editor: Why I support Cory Booker

To the editor: We are running out of time to seriously tackle climate change, which is already affecting New Hampshire, from rising sea levels and dangerous flooding that endanger homes and ecosystems, to an exploding deer tick population, among other impacts. Clearly, climate change isn’t some distant threat — it’s an immediate crisis that requires … Continue reading ""


Booker in Iowa

Booker tells KNIA News his position on fixing climate change works as a way to invigorate the rural economy all at the same time. “There is no way out of the climate crisis we are in without farmers leading the way. We need to pay farmers, we need to develop the revenue stream. We have … Continue reading ""

KNIA KRLS Radio - The One to Count On

Booker’s plan for black colleges would tap those on climate change’s frontlines to fight it

Booker’s plan is to invest $100 billion in HBCUs by upgrading their facilities, provide grants to expand their STEM education offerings, and expand climate change research at the schools. The proposal builds off Booker’s climate platform, which prioritizes environmental justice — healing communities suffering from polluting industries and protecting the Americans most at risk to … Continue reading ""


Booker in Iowa

Booker: Everything will be done thru climate lens. Don’t mistake that someone preaching politics of love isn’t a fighter. Will use every point of power I have to get this planet in line on climate. Leverage of foreign aid, military alliances. #IACaucus


Booker in Iowa

Q on environment; US only 15% of global problem. What will you do? Booker: We’ve done immense damage to our allies; I see fear in the eyes of some of our allies who know we are indispensable on climate change; watching to see what happens. #IACaucus


Building Wealth and Opportunity in Rural America

[Included in plan:] Engage every community in the transition to a clean energy economy. Cory’s climate plan calls for a $400 billion investment by 2030 to fund a Moonshot Hub in all 50 states, each charged with tackling the most important and difficult challenges in basic science, applied research, manufacturing, and commercialization in their dedicated field. … Continue reading ""

Cory 2020

Biden, Booker on Climate

Biden spoke from a teleprompter, mostly about foreign policy issues. He spoke at length about how to combat climate change and used Kerry’s lead role in the Paris Climate Accord as his guide. He repeated his promise to get back in that agreement on Day one of his administration. … Booker said in an interview … Continue reading ""

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