Booker in Iowa


Booker tells KNIA News his position on fixing climate change works as a way to invigorate the rural economy all at the same time.

“There is no way out of the climate crisis we are in without farmers leading the way. We need to pay farmers, we need to develop the revenue stream. We have spent hundreds of billions of dollars paying oil and coal companies and extractive industries to do their work that caused this problem. Let’s start paying the people with the strategies to get us out of the problem. The great thing is here in Iowa there’s a lot of examples of farmers who have been doing pilot programs and showing things that actually work to sequester carbon, have regenerative soil, have things that are protecting our water supply. We need to elevate those practices by paying farmers to do it.”

Booker also said paying farmers to fight climate change would be a huge boost to the Iowa economy, bringing revenue streams, jobs, and opportunities, and growing the tax base.