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Regenerative Agriculture will help us heal our planet, our plants & our bodies. Industrial ag practices aren’t just stripping the minerals from the land, but from the foods themselves. We need a #NewAndBetter ag policy that will be healthier for us and the planet. #RegenAg


Climate change is shaping Iowa's physical and political landscape

While many farmers here pin the blame on the Army Corps of Engineers’ flood management and hang their hopes on a weather cycle that will come to an end, experts say those who work in agriculture need to prepare for climate change because they will be some of the first affected.

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Pete Buttigieg climate change plan includes farms, rural America

Pete Buttigieg’s campaign for the 2020 Democratic presidential nomination is airing a television ad calling for action to combat climate change. In the 30-second ad, which will run statewide in Iowa, the South Bend, Ind., mayor argues that climate change is “too important for us to allow it to keep being a divisive and partisan … Continue reading ""

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'This Is Unsustainable': Rancher Talks To Julián Castro About Climate Change

NPR’s new series Off Script — which gives voters the chance to sit down with presidential candidates and ask questions — kicks off with undecided voters and former HUD Secretary Julián Castro.


Warren on climate change

Marie Claire: How are you talking to farmers about climate change, especially here in Iowa? Warren: I talk with them this way: First, it’s about the urgency of the moment. About how many things are changing and what that means. And that we’ve known about it for a long time and we are literally running … Continue reading ""

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