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Jay Inslee Wants to Transform How America Farms and Eats

Democratic presidential candidate Jay Inslee is a man of many climate plans, and he dropped his last one on Wednesday. The plan gets down and dirty (no, not that way, get your mind out of the gutter) by radically rethinking the agriculture system from production to consumption.


Inslee completes climate change policy proposals with plans aimed at agriculture

Washington Gov. Jay Inslee released a plan on Wednesday to enlist farmers and agriculture workers in combating climate change, completing the 2020 Democratic presidential candidate’s series of proposals aimed at making fighting a warming climate a central part of the federal government’s policies.


My Growing Rural Prosperity Plan is based on 4 strategies: 1️⃣ Investing in agricultural innovations to defeat climate change 2️⃣ Keeping farmers farming 3️⃣ Investing in rural prosperity and advancing equity 4️⃣ Improving forest health and protecting America’s public lands


Governor Inslee's Plan for Regenerative Agriculture and Thriving Rural Economies

Recognizing the powerful visions held by champions for sustainable agriculture and rural communities, Gov. Inslee’s Growing Rural Prosperity plan is built on 4 strategies and contains 15 policy initiatives that together create a strong framework for a prosperous and inclusive clean economy.  More »

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Agriculture’s role in climate change draws scrutiny from 2020 Democrats

The IPCC report singled out land use. Some presidential contenders are making it an electoral issue.


Candidates Bet the Farm on Climate

Presidential contenders aren’t just talking about the connection between agriculture and the climate at state fairs. Around half of the Democratic candidates have released policy platforms or statements aimed at protecting growers from climate consequences, using farming as a tool to mitigate emissions, or both.


In Iowa, Candidates Are Talking About Farming's Climate Change Connections Like No Previous Election

As the Democratic candidates for president made their requisite swing through the Iowa State Fair this week, they stumped near hay bales and posted about it on Twitter. They also brought an unprecedented focus on agriculture’s connections with climate change—an issue that’s getting more traction among rural Midwestern voters and farmers in the wake of … Continue reading ""

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Buttigieg in Iowa

Buttigieg also said rural america can be apart of the solution when it comes to climate change. “There’s the ability of soil to take in as much carbon as the global transportation sector is putting out. We just haven’t worked out all the technology to do that. We should be researching that,” said Buttigieg.


.@JayInslee: “Farmers can be very important to defeating the climate crisis. Farmers can get paid for a new service, which is getting carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere and getting it into the top soil.” 👏👏👏


Pete Buttigieg Puts Out Rural Economic Plan to Help Tackle Climate Change

Yesterday Democratic presidential candidate and South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg released his “Plan to Unleash the Economic Potential of Rural America.” The plan seeks to support agriculture and significantly invest in R&D as a powerful solution to climate change, including through soil carbon sequestration.

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