In his own words: “I believe climate change is the single greatest threat facing us today. According to top climate scientists, we only have 11 years to dramatically cut our greenhouse gas emissions, or we will suffer irrevocable environmental and economic damage. We are long overdue for taking this threat seriously, due in large part to the hundreds of millions of dollars and armies of lobbyists deployed by multinational fossil fuel corporations to protect their profits. If I am President, I will stand up to these corporations and make facing this existential threat a top priority for our country. We have a moral responsibility to leave our kids a planet that is healthy and habitable. We cannot afford to wait any longer.”

(Source: candidate survey)

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Bernie Is the Best Chance We Have on Climate

Electing Bernie Sanders president wouldn’t be enough to fight climate change. But his class-struggle politics give us the best chance we have to take on the fossil fuel companies.


A woman asks about climate change: What do we do? Per Bernie: Tell fossil fuels their profits aren’t more important than the future of the planet Invest rapidly in renewable energy “I’m looking at wind turbines right now. And they don’t cause cancer,” he says to laughs


Climate tweets on Sanders

The climate crisis by far topped @BernieSanders’ live poll of topics supporters want him to talk about at the debate later this month, according to an email the campaign sent out this morning.


OP ED: Trump invents fake emergencies. Congress should declare a real one on climate

Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders and Oregon Rep. Earl Blumenauer say Congress should mobilize all available resources to tackle this crisis now. The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change recently warned that we have eleven years to bring this planet together to stop the worst impacts of climate change. And we are seeing the effects of this … Continue reading ""


Sanders on climate change

“We face an unprecedented moment in human history. I’m not talking about modern history; I’m talking about human history. The scientific community has told us that we face an existential crisis. We’re seeing the warmest years on record. The scientific community is telling us that if we do not boldly and aggressively transform our energy … Continue reading ""

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