In his own words: “I believe climate change is the single greatest threat facing us today. According to top climate scientists, we only have 11 years to dramatically cut our greenhouse gas emissions, or we will suffer irrevocable environmental and economic damage. We are long overdue for taking this threat seriously, due in large part to the hundreds of millions of dollars and armies of lobbyists deployed by multinational fossil fuel corporations to protect their profits. If I am President, I will stand up to these corporations and make facing this existential threat a top priority for our country. We have a moral responsibility to leave our kids a planet that is healthy and habitable. We cannot afford to wait any longer.”

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Sanders in Nevada

Speaking at a rally in Las Vegas on Saturday evening, Sanders said of climate change that the president’s policies have “made a bad situation worse.” “Trump thinks that climate change is a hoax, and is making us more dependent on fossil fuels,” Sanders said. “I think it might be a good idea to listen to … Continue reading ""


Sanders in Colorado

Another message from Sanders, about the need to take bold action on climate change, especially resonated with Amy Davis, a mother from Castle Rock. “I’m here basically for my children’s future,” Davis said. “I’m almost 50, so it won’t affect me as much as them.”

Colorado Public Radio

Bernie Sanders talks climate change, social justice, and more

Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders will be debating with other candidates at Texas Southern University, and he took a moment to talk one-on-one with FOX 26’s Tom Zizka about his ongoing campaign. “So the folks who work in the oil industry are not my enemy,” said Sanders. “Climate change is my enemy.” Senator Sanders knows talking … Continue reading ""


Sanders in Colorado

We are fighting for the future of this planet. That is what the scientists tell us. So we are going to have to be extremely aggressive in combating climate change and that is why I have introduced the most comprehensive climate change legislation or proposal I should say, that has ever been introduced. And that … Continue reading ""

Colorado Public Radio

Biggest applause line for Bernie Sanders so far: “Donald Trump thinks climate change is a hoax. I think Donald Trump is a hoax, & I think by ignoring the credible dangers of climate change, Donald Trump is not only threatening the wellbeing of this country, but the entire world.”


Sanders talks climate change, future plans at Iowa State

Regarding climate change, Sanders boasted about his plan. Sanders said his is “the most comprehensive climate change legislation ever introduced by any candidate.” Sanders also mentioned the possible problems that could arise from climate change, such as flooding — which Iowa has seen much of in recent years —and the acidification of the Earth’s oceans. Mark … Continue reading ""

Iowa State Daily

Sanders in Iowa

Speaking in Iowa City, Bernie Sanders ties extreme weather to climate change, touting his recently release climate plan, which he calls, “the most aggressive and comprehensive climate change legislation ever offered by any candidate running for anything.”


Sanders in Iowa

Instead of investing trillions of dollars in weapons of mass destruction, maybe we can invest in our common enemy: climate change” – Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders. @FoxNewsMMR


Highlights from CNN's Climate Town Hall

For the first time in history, 10 leading Democratic presidential candidates gathered in prime time to answer in-depth questions about how they would combat the climate crisis and mitigate climate impacts. Here are some highlights from each of the candidates.