In his own words: “My generation will be on the business end of climate change, and in fact we are already seeing its enormous impacts right now in our communities. In my time as mayor, we in South Bend have had a 1,000-year rainfall and a 500-year flood, both in the span of just 18 months. So when I think of the climate crisis, I don’t just think about icebergs in the Arctic. I think about a family in distress on Frederickson Street because of the climate choices we’ve made up until now. The climate crisis is an emergency affecting our communities right now and we have to treat it that way.”

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Buttigieg in Iowa

In an ongoing series the NPR Politics Podcast is hitting the road and interviewing 2020 Democratic presidential candidates. This episode Tamara Keith and Iowa Public Radio’s Clay Masters sit down with South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg to ask about why he’s the best pick for president. . . . MASTERS: How do you implement a … Continue reading ""

Buttigieg in Iowa

In line with a majority of Democratic contenders, Buttigieg further stressed the threat of climate change to national security. “I don’t think I have to tell Iowa anything about what’s at stake in making sure that our climate is stabilized.” Buttigieg said relating to Iowa’s recent floods. “Climate disruption twice in two years in South … Continue reading ""

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Buttigieg on climate change

“What the world is going to look like in the 2050s isn’t just something I’m just something I think about or write about, or wonder about,” Buttigieg, 37, told host Chris Wallace in Claremont, N.H. “It’s hopefully going to be my life, too.”  The mayor talked about the need to tackle issues such as climate change and the deficit … Continue reading ""


Buttigieg climate plan includes carbon tax

Presidential hopeful Pete Buttigieg (D) wants to tax carbon emissions as part of his climate action agenda. The South Bend, Ind., mayor listed pricing carbon from polluters as one of his campaign policy initiatives on his website. Speaking to theSkimm on Thursday, he said the plan to tax carbon polluters and distribute the profits as dividends back to Americans would allow the public … Continue reading ""

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Buttigieg in Illinois

Buttigieg’s wide-ranging talk covered everything from climate change (which he called an “imperative” security threat that must be tackled; he suggested the American people would be well-served by uniting behind a project, like tackling global warming) …


Climate change: Implement a Green New Deal with all available tools including a carbon tax-and-dividend for Americans, and major direct investment to build a 100% clean energy society


In SF, @PeteButtigieg’s big applause line: American security is not just about “putting up a wall…it means protecting election security…when it comes to whether we’ll be is time to treat climate like the security issue that it is.”


Buttigieg on climate change

Buttigieg says the Green New Deal is the right framework to think about tackling climate change. “The way it’s been laid out now is more a set of goals than a full-blown plan. But I do think that candidates ought to be specific about the steps we’ll take, including being honest about the fact that … Continue reading ""

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Buttigieg in South Carolina

There are a number of things that can be done by executive action, and we’ll be reviewing those to make sure that on day one we’re doing everything from getting America back on the right track when it comes to climate, to reversing some of the executive actions that have discriminated against people coming to … Continue reading ""

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Buttigieg on climate

Buttigieg views the Green New Deal as a “very attractive framework” for dealing with climate change, but also said it’s more of a “set of goals.” At an event at the University of Chicago, he argued for incentivizing cities to develop in more sustainable ways and working towards personal family energy independence by investing federal money … Continue reading ""

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