In his own words: “My generation will be on the business end of climate change, and in fact we are already seeing its enormous impacts right now in our communities. In my time as mayor, we in South Bend have had a 1,000-year rainfall and a 500-year flood, both in the span of just 18 months. So when I think of the climate crisis, I don’t just think about icebergs in the Arctic. I think about a family in distress on Frederickson Street because of the climate choices we’ve made up until now. The climate crisis is an emergency affecting our communities right now and we have to treat it that way.”

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Buttigieg tweets

50 years ago today, Apollo 11 landed, a module hatch opened, and a man set foot on the moon. The #MoonLanding was a giant leap for humanity made possible by common purpose (and public initiative!) across a nation striving for the most ambitious possible goals. — Pete Buttigieg (@PeteButtigieg) July 20, 2019 As we stand … Continue reading ""


2020 Election: The Candidates' National Service Plans

Several Democratic candidates would create national service programs dealing with climate change, the environment and conservation. Sen. Elizabeth Warren has proposed a 10,000-strong Civilian Conservation Corps. Gov. Jay Inslee and Rep. John Delaney would create a Climate Corps. Moulton wants to see a Federal Green Corps. And Buttigieg proposes local communities of service, a Climate … Continue reading ""


Buttigeg on climate change

Climate change is the biggest security threat facing our country. Reversing it is a generational project, and it’s going to have to be a national project. As president, I will not only implement policies, but set the tone so that the public and private and social and academic sectors of this country are all pulling … Continue reading ""


Buttigieg on climate change

Take agriculture and climate change, very few people talk about climate as a rural issue. Other than the fact that rural Americans are now getting destroyed by irregular weather. But from a solution side, there’s evidence that with the right kind of research, we could figure out a way to have soil take in as … Continue reading ""


Klobuchar, Buttigieg in Iowa

Klobuchar said she would rejoin the agreement and bring back the Clean Power Plan created by the Obama Administration. Buttigieg proposed investing in proper soil management in rural America as a way to reduce the country’s carbon footprint. He pledged to increase research and development in soil development, carbon storage and renewable energy.

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Buttigieg on environmental justice

We will expand enforcement of environmental protections and invest in solutions to environmental threats, particularly focusing on communities of color and working families who face disproportionate health effects from pollution, tainted water, and inadequate infrastructure. . . . We will ensure expanded and equitable disaster preparedness and relief, so that all communities get the resources … Continue reading ""

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Buttigieg to roll out national service policy during Iowa visit, including 'Climate Corps'

The plan would call for the eventual creation of new service corps programs, including a “Climate Corps,” a “Community Health Corps” and an “Intergenerational Service Corps” overseen by a new Chief Service Officer who would serve on the White House National Security Council and Domestic Policy Council.

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Pete Buttigieg Proposes National Service Programs for Climate Change and Mental Health

[Buttigieg’s] plan calls for expanding existing national service organizations like AmeriCorps and the Peace Corps and also adding new ones focused on combating climate change, treating mental health and addiction, and providing caregiving for older people. The new programs would prioritize bringing volunteers into predominantly minority communities and rural areas.

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