In his own words: “My generation will be on the business end of climate change, and in fact we are already seeing its enormous impacts right now in our communities. In my time as mayor, we in South Bend have had a 1,000-year rainfall and a 500-year flood, both in the span of just 18 months. So when I think of the climate crisis, I don’t just think about icebergs in the Arctic. I think about a family in distress on Frederickson Street because of the climate choices we’ve made up until now. The climate crisis is an emergency affecting our communities right now and we have to treat it that way.”

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Pete Buttigieg Climate Change News Feed


Buttigieg in South Carolina

.@PeteButtigieg at a Spartanburg town hall said, “I do think we need to build up the idea of caring about the future as a value.” He said that if people think more about the future, there is a “different level of urgency” in regards to climate change and generational justice.


Climate tweets on Buttigieg

”We must channel all of our energies into a national project — one that unifies every American, from big cities to rural communities, around this urgent threat and seizes the tremendous opportunity of a new era of climate action.”


Pete Buttigieg Has a New Strategy to Fight Climate Change: Make It About Religion

South Bend, Indiana, Mayor and 2020 presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg wants to bring religion back into the Democratic party and he wants to do it by talking about climate change.


Highlights from CNN's Climate Town Hall

For the first time in history, 10 leading Democratic presidential candidates gathered in prime time to answer in-depth questions about how they would combat the climate crisis and mitigate climate impacts. Here are some highlights from each of the candidates.


Buttigieg on climate change

During CNN’s climate change town hall on Wednesday night, Buttigieg called global warming a “sin.” To explain that assertion to Colbert, the candidate noted that the environment emerges a number of times in the Episcopalian Book of Common Prayer. “The biggest problem with climate change isn’t just the planet … it’s that we are hurting … Continue reading ""

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