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Colorado Voters Care About Climate Change. This Is Where The 2020 Democratic Presidential Candidates Stand

After decades of increasingly dire warnings from scientists, climate change is on the minds of Colorado voters as a top issue in a U.S. presidential election.

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Klobuchar in Colorado

“I’m not in favor of energy development on public lands with drilling and the like. You have to look at every case and say does this make sense for the local area … We want to have spaces where people can go. We want to have spaces that aren’t filled with buildings otherwise we’ll lose … Continue reading ""


Sanders in Colorado

Sen @BernieSanders wants to ban fracking in 2025. 90k Coloradans work in traditional energy. “Those workers are not my enemy,” Sanders said. He wants the US to spend billions to provide fossil fuel workers with five yrs of income, job training, and health care. #9News #copolitics


Editorial: Elizabeth Warren for president

Her support for the Green New Deal and former presidential candidate Gov. Jay Inslee’s climate plan. “Washington refuses to lift a finger without permission from the fossil fuel industry. That’s dangerous and it’s wrong. We need a government that makes different choices — a government that will stop handing out enormous tax giveaways to big … Continue reading ""

Colorado Springs Independent

Bloomberg Campaign in Colorado

Sam Waterston, an actor from the TV series Law & Order, was the main speaker at the grand opening of Bloomberg’s new office in downtown Colorado Springs. Waterston said the biggest issue that Bloomberg will focus on is climate change. “Mike Bloomberg showed us how it’s done, how a city can prosper and become fairer … Continue reading ""


Polls Show Democrats Want Candidates Prioritizing Climate Change

As the spring primary approaches, new polling suggests Democrats running for president should prioritize climate change and the environment.


Addressing Climate Change is Top Issue For Democratic Primary Voters in Colorado, Michigan, & Wisconsin

New polling conducted by Andrew Baumann of Global Strategy Group of Democratic primary voters in all three states which found that addressing climate change is a defining policy position in how voters will choose their presidential candidate – tied at the top of the list along with health care across the board. Read more »

League of Conservation Voters

Steyer in Colorado

On his “Green New Deal” for climate change: “Mine is very different from the way that Bernie Sanders, for instance, describes it. But I have what I believe is the most effective, impactful version of the Green New Deal … if we get environmental justice right, we’ll get climate right. So I actually call my … Continue reading ""

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Sanders in Colorado

Another message from Sanders, about the need to take bold action on climate change, especially resonated with Amy Davis, a mother from Castle Rock. “I’m here basically for my children’s future,” Davis said. “I’m almost 50, so it won’t affect me as much as them.”

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