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Cambio Climático Y Justicia Ambiental

El cambio climático es la amenaza existencial de nuestro tiempo, pero también nos presenta una oportunidad para reconstruir nuestra infraestructura y reconstruir la clase media mientras reactivamos nuestra economía para que funcione con energía 100% limpia. Los latinos, particularmente los latinos que hablan español, están muy enterados y conscientes de la amenaza que representa el … Continue reading "https://elizabethwarren.com/es/planes/juntos#cambio-clim%C3%A1tico-y-justicia-ambiental"

Warren for President

Steyer on climate change

In an exclusive interview with Blavity Politics, Steyer discussed why he decided to run for president and why now, his top three campaign issues and people’s concerns about electing another white male billionaire into the presidency.


Steyer tweets

Speaking to New England College students today reaffirmed my commitment to fighting the climate crisis and demanding environmental justice. I challenge every elected official in this country to consider the futures of these young people when making decisions.


Protecting the Rights and Equality of People With Disabilities

[Included in plan:] Our fight for environmental justice and response to climate change must factor in the impact on individuals with disabilities. The environmental threats our country is facing often have particularly harsh impacts on individuals with disabilities. I will make sure that their needs are front and center as we tackle environmental justice and … Continue reading "https://medium.com/@teamwarren/protecting-the-rights-and-equality-of-people-with-disabilities-29899eacba0c"


Steyer in Colorado

On his “Green New Deal” for climate change: “Mine is very different from the way that Bernie Sanders, for instance, describes it. But I have what I believe is the most effective, impactful version of the Green New Deal … if we get environmental justice right, we’ll get climate right. So I actually call my … Continue reading "https://www.cpr.org/2019/12/30/someone-has-got-to-tell-the-truth-to-the-american-people-and-presidential-candidate-tom-steyer-says-hes-the-guy/"

Colorado Public Radio

Buttigieg on Climate Justice

We’re impressed that he’s put together a plan that is specifically acknowledging the unique realities and challenges of Latino communities in the US,” says Jennifer Allen Aroz, the founder of Chispa, a branch of the League of Conservation Voters focused specifically on Latinx issues. “And thinking about how to level the playing field and acknowledge the … Continue reading "https://www.motherjones.com/environment/2019/12/heres-whats-missing-from-mayor-petes-plan-for-climate-justice-in-latinx-communities/"

Mother Jones