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Buttigieg in New Hampshire

Climate change hasn’t spared New Hampshire. Summer storms have intensified, invasive species have moved further north, and businesses can’t keep up with increasingly unpredictable winters. We’re already living with climate change. New Hampshire can’t wait for us to act.


Buttigieg, Klobuchar and Sanders in New Hampshire

Climate change was a major topic for Buttigieg, Klobuchar and Sanders, with all three in agreement that the government needs to shift the economy away from fossil fuels. Buttigieg said that his administration would create a carbon tax rebate system to shift the economy to a carbon neutral system, while Sanders pointed to the Green … Continue reading ""

The Dartmouth

Yang in New Hampshire

A hot-button issue he also jumped on Monday involved his thoughts on climate change, which he stressed is not entirely the fault of the U.S. and other industrialized nations. He pointed to a statistic that suggests the U.S. accounts for 15% of worldwide emissions. “Even if we were to aggressively move toward sustainable energy sources, … Continue reading ""

Lowell Sun

Ahead of New Hampshire primary, climate is top issue for voters & candidates

The First In The Nation primary is upon us, and addressing climate change is the #1 priority issue for New Hampshire Democratic primary voters, according to a late-January University of New Hampshire/CNN poll. In fact, the majority of New Hampshire voters on both sides of the aisle support climate action — our fall 2019 poll … Continue reading ""

League of Conservation Voters

Warren aims to win N.H. climate voters — just like in Iowa

Sen. Elizabeth Warren notched a little-noticed victory on her way to a third-place finish in Iowa. The Massachusetts Democrat won the highest share of Iowa voters who named climate change as their most important issue, according to an Associated Press exit poll of the caucuses.


N.H. voters are worried about climate. Will they turn out?

Every four years, pundits wonder if young people will turn out to the polls en masse. But this year the question is especially pressing for climate activists. Youth climate organizations like the Sunrise Movement have helped push climate to the forefront of the political conversation in a way that’s unprecedented. [subscription required]


Sanders in New Hampshire

Kelly Fogg said he was a truck driver, and that he’s concerned about climate change. “My footprint is not very good, my carbon footprint, because I do a lot of driving,” he said. “But my heart is in the right spot.” One of the reasons Fogg supports Sanders, he said, is because of his promise … Continue reading ""