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Patrick in New Hampshire

Most people don’t live their lives in policy silos, but instead at the intersection of multiple policy and personal choices. I spoke with NH folks at Nashua Community College today about issues like climate change and opioid addiction— and how we make change that lasts for them.


Yang in New Hampshire

.@AndrewYang is asked how his climate change action plan will be equitable for all Americans. “We all know, again, that the least among us will be impacted the most by climate change. & so we should have that as one of our top priorities…figure out how they’re not left behind.


When asked how he‘ll hold fossil fuel execs accountable, @AndrewYang says, “If your company is fined more than $100 mil, than your leader has to go to jail.” Says to dissuade that kind of behavior, you need to “hit them where it hurts”, and that’s taking personal responsibility.


Steyer in New Hampshire

When asked about climate change, @TomSteyer says “There is no debate on the science.” Steyer goes on to say he’s a data driven person, and because of that, climate change is his number one priority. @cspan


Climate change a priority in early voting states

Climate change could be a priority for Democrats when they begin casting votes next month. The issue ranked second among registered voters in Iowa and New Hampshire in a CBS/YouGov poll released Monday. [subscription required]


Bennet in New Hampshire

Another aspect of The Real Deal is climate change policy. Bennet’s plan includes conserving 30 percent of America’s lands and ocean waters by 2030, requiring power providers to offer zero-emission energy to every household and business and allocating payments to agriculture workers to sequester carbon. With the limited support behind climate change initiatives in the … Continue reading ""