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Castro in New Hampshire

Former Secretary of Housing and Urban Development and San Antonio Mayor Julián Castro is running for president as a Democrat, and climate change is one of the key issues he’s talking about on the campaign trail. At a recent meet and greet at a coffee shop and bookstore in southern New Hampshire, he laid out … Continue reading ""

Living on Earth

Klobuchar in New Hampshire

As she turned the discussion toward her platform, one of the first topics Klobuchar touched on was the need to address climate change. On “day 1” of her presidency, Klobuchar said she would sign the U.S. back into the Paris Agreement, an international deal to mitigate greenhouse gas emissions. The accord was signed in December … Continue reading ""

Klobuchar in New Hampshire

One audience member, Laura Marrin Tu ’19, asked Klobuchar about her plan to “realistically gain bipartisan support” for enacting climate change policy. In response, Klobuchar cited unusual weather phenomena nationwide as a way to facilitate mobilization in regards to climate change policy. She also said that it was a necessity for the U.S. to ratify … Continue reading ""

The Dartmouth

Klobuchar in New Hampshire

This middle of the road strategy shines through in Klobuchar’s approach to policy as well, telling house party attendees that she views gun control legislation through the lens of “does it hurt my Uncle Dick in the deer stand”, and arguing that she can secure Midwestern buy-in on the party’s effort to combat climate change. … Continue reading ""

Biden in New Hampshire

Then there was the matter of climate change. Mr. Biden repeatedly cited his initial legislative push on that issue from more than three decades ago. His goal was to highlight his long record of championing the environment, a critical issue to Democratic voters at a moment when Mr. Biden finds himself under fire from the … Continue reading ""

The New York Times

Biden in New Hampshire

At the event in New Hampshire, the first stop on a two-day swing, Biden also disputed the idea that he’s being too cautious on climate change, calling for an “environmental revolution” and promising to unveil his plan by the end of the month. “We have an existential threat,” he said. “If we don’t act quickly … Continue reading ""