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Gabbard in New Hampshire

On climate change, she said the U.S. is spending close to $30 billion a year in subsidies to fossil fuel and big agribusiness corporations. Gabbard said she would end those subsidies and invest in clean renewable energy sources and sustainable farming. Not only would that help to stop climate change but she pointed out it … Continue reading ""

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O'Rourke in New Hampshire

O’Rourke has promised to reverse the Trump administration’s expansion of offshore oil drilling and end leases for any new drilling offshore through executive action on the first day as president. He reiterates that promise in his fisheries plan. His $5 trillion, 10-year climate plan, released in May, would spend $250 billion for research and development, with … Continue reading ""


Gabbard in New Hampshire

I think we need to look at every one of our military bases around the world and assess its value and its use towards our national security interests, and the other issues that we’re facing,” Gabbard continued. “This issue of climate change and refugees is one that not only we, the United States, are concerned … Continue reading ""

Gabbard in New Hampshire

Climate change is one good example unfortunately of how partisan politics and divisiveness is getting in the way of us actually solving real problems. It’s just the two words, climate change, that have become such a hot button. It will elicit one extreme response or another.” Some people regard it as a hoax or a … Continue reading ""

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Yang in New Hampshire

Yang told the Post and Beam crowd that he’s in the camp that believes climate change “is worse than you think.” If elected, he would sign the U.S. back onto the Paris Agreement, but he said America also needs to “lead a global effort.” There are ecosystems that need to be protected and rebuilt, he … Continue reading ""

Fascinating – when @AndrewYang asks who in the crowd is concerned about climate change and almost every single hand goes up. Not a scientific poll by any means, but when I go out, I see that voters are increasingly showing they are publicly concerned with climate change.


Climate change leaps to national attention

Early polling of likely Democratic voters in the 2020 presidential election indicates climate change is emerging at or near the top of the issues important to them.

Bennet tweets

.@DaggettSusan is in NH this weekend. She spent this morning in her element as an environmental defense lawyer meeting with local climate activists & attending National Drive Electric Week in Concord to talk with voters about how we tackle the climate crisis. #NDEW2019 #FITN


LCV Expands Climate Work in 2020 Primary, Launches $150K Digital Ad Campaign in Nevada, New Hampshire

Ahead of the third Democratic presidential debate, the League of Conservation Voters (LCV) today announced a new $150,000 digital ad campaign elevating the local impacts of climate change and the opportunities in the clean energy economy in the run-up to early primary and caucus contests in New Hampshire and Nevada. The ads are part of … Continue reading ""

League of Conservation Voters