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Washington Gov. Jay Inslee has a message for Mike Bloomberg

Jay Inslee, who sought the Democratic presidential nomination earlier this year by distinguishing himself on his stance on global warming, told Salon that he is “encouraged” to see former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg focus on global warming in his candidacy, but hopes he will adopt Inslee’s own bold plans for addressing the crisis.


Billionaire Buys 'Climate Change' on Google

Bloomberg announced he was seeking the Democratic nomination for president earlier this week along with plans to spend up to $1 billion of his own fortune on his campaign. That huge chunk of change will cover all aspects of the campaign, including ad buys. On Google, at least, he’s using his fortune to buy ads … Continue reading "https://earther.gizmodo.com/billionaire-buys-climate-change-on-google-1840051709"


What can we expect from Bloomberg on climate change?

In the last decade, the billionaire has devoted substantial shares of his time and his fortune to help reduce U.S. carbon emissions and combat climate change, mostly by supporting efforts to close coal-fired power plants.


Bloomberg, now Democratic candidate, resigns UN climate post

Former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, who just joined the crowded race for the Democratic presidential nomination, has resigned his post as the United Nations special envoy for climate action.


.@MikeBloomberg mentioned climate change briefly a few times in speech today launching his campaign ‘I took on Trump, the climate denier, and have led efforts that have closed more than half of the nation’s dirty coal-fired power plants’


Bloomberg Is a Climate Leader. So Why Aren’t Activists Excited About a Run for President?

Michael Bloomberg has poured his time and hundreds of millions of dollars into projects aimed at getting the world ‘beyond carbon,’ but can he win the presidency?

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