In his own words: “Tackling the climate crisis is the most important thing we can do to build a bright tomorrow for our children and a better today for all Americans. Climate change threatens life on earth as we know it, and the steps we take to fight its causes  also protect public health, create good jobs, and grow the economy.

I have a track record to show that I will prioritize climate action and cut emissions. In New York City,  our administration cut carbon emissions by 14 percent while also creating a record number of jobs. I’ve worked with communities around the country to shut down coal plants that poison the air and water. So far we’ve closed more than half of all U.S. coal plants, and as a result, 10,000 fewer Americans are dying each year from coal pollution. When President Trump backed out of the Paris Agreement, I helped form a coalition called America’s Pledge to uphold our commitment to the rest of the world – and the first act I’ll take as president will be to re-enter the agreement.

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Mike Bloomberg Climate Change News Feed


Bloomberg Campaign in Colorado

Sam Waterston, an actor from the TV series Law & Order, was the main speaker at the grand opening of Bloomberg’s new office in downtown Colorado Springs. Waterston said the biggest issue that Bloomberg will focus on is climate change. “Mike Bloomberg showed us how it’s done, how a city can prosper and become fairer … Continue reading ""


Climate change isn’t just a threat to our environment. It is a threat to the global economy and our national security. Trump doesn’t seem to grasp the urgency of climate change, or believe in it at all. I will restore American leadership and fight for future generations.


When I say I’ll fight climate change, I mean it. As mayor, I cut NYC’s carbon footprint by 13% and achieved the city’s cleanest air in 50 yrs. When Trump pulled out of the Paris Accord, I mobilized a coalition to uphold America’s obligations. I don’t just talk. I #GetItDone.


Bloomberg on climate change

Bloomberg cited his half-a-billion dollars in contributions to the environmental group The Sierra Club. He says those contributions have helped shut down hundreds of coal-fired power plants and drive down green-house gas emissions. He also discussed ways individuals can help address climate change, including painting roofs white to lower energy bills and switching to fuel-efficient … Continue reading ""


Calif. Democrat endorses Bloomberg, becomes climate chair

Rep. Scott Peters (D-Calif.) endorsed Michael Bloomberg for president and got a climate change leadership post on Bloomberg’s campaign.