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Delaney on climate change

Presidential candidate and businessman Rep. John Delaney says that Trump is the only person benefiting from the deals he’s made in or out of the White House.


2020 Election: The Candidates' National Service Plans

Several Democratic candidates would create national service programs dealing with climate change, the environment and conservation. Sen. Elizabeth Warren has proposed a 10,000-strong Civilian Conservation Corps. Gov. Jay Inslee and Rep. John Delaney would create a Climate Corps. Moulton wants to see a Federal Green Corps. And Buttigieg proposes local communities of service, a Climate … Continue reading ""


Delaney on climate change

“My proposal is to create a carbon fee and dividend, which is modeled after the legislation that I introduced in Congress. It was the only bipartisan bill on climate change in Congress, by the way. This puts a fee on carbon, which makes fossil fuels more expensive and less attractive, and it takes all the … Continue reading ""


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We can’t thrive in the 21st century with infrastructure from the 1950s. My $2 trillion infrastructure plan is focused the areas of most need. The American people need real solutions that will improve their lives.


Delaney in New Hampshire

On climate change, he said he would pursue a tax on carbon. In an effort to avoid overburdening many Americans with the increased expenses, Delaney added that people would get a dividend greater than what they would be paying in heightened costs for gas and electricity. The main target of that tax revenue, Delaney said, … Continue reading ""

In April, I announced my National Service Plan to restore a sense of common purpose and unity to our nation. It would encourage young people to spend a year serving their country through community service, military service, infrastructure apprenticeships, or a climate corps.


Delaney in New Hampshire

As the final question, Delaney was asked about his climate plan in which he proposes making CO2 and fossil fuel-related energy more expensive in order to encourage a switch to renewable energy. He also noted the importance of giving the extra money back to the Americans to help fight climate change. “We need to get … Continue reading ""

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Delaney in New Hampshire

If elected Delaney said in his first 100 days he would “champion five or six big ideas” such as immigration, infrastructure, climate, technology policy, and national service, all based “word for word on an existing bipartisan bill of the congress of the United States.” Delaney said one issue he believes he would be able to … Continue reading ""