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On climate change, @JohnDelaney tells Shenandoah, IA caucus-goers “the clock is ticking” and “it’s not enough” to have a position on climate, leaders need an immediate clear path to pass legislation in Congress. #climatechange #IAcaucus


Delaney on Climate

Delaney argued that the proposal sets an “unrealistic goal” that could drastically hike the cost of energy and that there are less disruptive ways to address the threat of climate change. “There’s a much better way to deal with climate change than the Green New Deal, which will in many ways crush working families,” he … Continue reading ""


Delaney in Iowa

To win over those voters, Delaney proposed policies like a doubling of the earned income tax credit and formation of a Climate Corps that would allow young people to go to work on efforts to reduce the effects of climate change.

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Delaney on climate change

My current pick for president is John Delaney,” wrote Dan K. “I like his climate change plan, his universal healthcare plan, his economic opportunity plan and the plan that originally got me to check him out — his plan to debate Congress four times a year.

Investments in negative emissions technology & zero-emissions technology, including projects like the Allam Cycle natural gas facility that opened in Houston last year, will help us “crack the code” on climate change and make substantial changes right now.


Delaney on climate change

Delaney, recently rolled out a detailed plan to create a comprehensive national service program, including a “Climate Corps” to work on green energy projects around the country.


Delaney in New Hampshire

During his hour-long interview at the Gray Television Washington News Bureau, Delaney broke down a thorough set of plans to revamp the economy, curb climate change through American technological innovation, and fix health care.