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De Blasio in Nevada

I want to say I’m a believer in the Green New Deal, so much so that I’m implementing it right now in New York City. This is a real differentiator, I want to say upfront. A lot of good people in this race — very few of them have had to take plans and put … Continue reading ""

Las Vegas Sun

Opinion: Climate Change Is a Winning Campaign Issue — and President Trump Knows It

My national service program also includes two exciting new components: a National Infrastructure Apprenticeship program and a National Climate Corps. After decades of underinvestment in infrastructure and in the face of the new challenge of climate change, we need to rebuild, reboot and reinvent our local infrastructure. For these new initiatives, we will work closely … Continue reading ""


Delaney tweets

We can’t thrive in the 21st century with infrastructure from the 1950s. My $2 trillion infrastructure plan is focused the areas of most need. The American people need real solutions that will improve their lives.


Julián Castro pledges $200B green infrastructure fund in housing proposal

White House hopeful Julián Castro on Tuesday released the second portion of his “People First Housing” plan, with a focus on environmentally sustainable housing that includes a $200 billion infrastructure account.


People First Housing Plan

[Included in plan:] Aligning Housing and Community Planning Policy with Climate Goals The climate-driven natural disasters of this era demand a proactive plan for our nation’s infrastructure and zoning, as well as a defensive plan to rebuild following damaging storms. Continued »

Julián 2020

Senator Amy Klobuchar Releases Plan of More Than 100 Actions for Her First 100 Days as President

During the first 100 days of Senator Klobuchar’s presidency, she will: Get the United States back in the International Climate Agreement on day one. On day one of Senator Klobuchar’s presidency she will get us back into the International Climate Change Agreement, working so that the United States maintains global leadership to address the climate crisis.


Delaney on infrastructure

My plan would also create new infrastructure funds dedicated to climate resilience and water infrastructure. Climate change has led to more frequent storms, which have resulted in widespread damage. We saw that firsthand this year in Iowa, where flooding has been devastating. Additionally, my plan includes the construction of a new Carbon Thruway, that will … Continue reading ""

The Gazette

Delaney says infrastructure must be designed to deal with climate change

Democratic presidential candidate John Delaney was in Pacific Junction Tuesday, visiting with a couple who are among the hundreds of southwest Iowans who still can’t live in their homes more than two months after the Missouri River flooding began. Jason and Fran Parr have torn the walls and insulation out of their home and are … Continue reading ""

Radio Iowa