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Steyer in Nevada

At an infrastructure forum, @TomSteyer outlined how climate change and infrastructure are intertwined. He noted that Flint, MI and Denmark, SC are examples of how “We are poisoning black and brown communities at a completely different level than everybody else.


The Biden Plan to Invest in Middle Class Competitiveness

Joe Biden is running for president to rebuild the middle class—and this time make sure everyone comes along. Toward that end, Biden is calling for a transformational investment in our country’s infrastructure and future: $1.3 trillion over ten years, to equip the American middle class to compete and win in the global economy, to move … Continue reading ""

Joe Biden for President

So many issues in our country could be addressed with a $2 trillion infrastructure plan. It would create jobs, improve people’s lives, connect distressed communities, address climate, improve our competitiveness. Simple. Easy. High Impact. And with the right POTUS – bipartisan!


Presidential hopefuls connect climate change to infrastructure policies at first Finkenauer fish fry

Several presidential hopefuls linked their jobs and infrastructure proposals with their positions on climate change at Abby Finkenauer’s first fish fry and forum focused on jobs and infrastructure on Saturday. Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., touted the Green New Deal, a Congressional resolution that he co-sponsors. He said the measure would create a million new jobs…

The Daily Iowan

De Blasio in Nevada

I want to say I’m a believer in the Green New Deal, so much so that I’m implementing it right now in New York City. This is a real differentiator, I want to say upfront. A lot of good people in this race — very few of them have had to take plans and put … Continue reading ""

Las Vegas Sun

Opinion: Climate Change Is a Winning Campaign Issue — and President Trump Knows It

My national service program also includes two exciting new components: a National Infrastructure Apprenticeship program and a National Climate Corps. After decades of underinvestment in infrastructure and in the face of the new challenge of climate change, we need to rebuild, reboot and reinvent our local infrastructure. For these new initiatives, we will work closely … Continue reading ""