In his own words: I first got into politics specifically to work on climate change. It affects every American profoundly and it still isn’t getting the attention it deserves. Over the last 10 years, I’ve been obsessed with environmental justice, renewable energy, and sustainability. Climate change is an existential threat to our way of life, and the Green New Deal is a solution that matches the scale of the problem. It would create millions of jobs and kickstart new industries making us a wealthier and more equitable nation. Best of all, it would make ALL our communities healthier. The technology and the economics are here. What’s not here. . .is the politics — because our politicians will not stand up to the oil and gas companies and other corporate polluters. I have, and I will.

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Tom Steyer Climate Change News Feed

Donald Trump is hosting an international summit in South Florida—a place dealing directly with rising sea levels. Trump’s refusal to address the climate crisis is not only shortsighted, it is surrendering our global leadership in service of the fossil fuel industry.


Climate tweets on Steyer

@TomSteyer More of my conversation with 2020 candidate @TomSteyer: As more voters learn who he is, I wanted to know how he plans to explain his career, incl. years of investing in coal before becoming a climate change activist & how, as a billionaire, he tries to relate to everyday voters.


Last night, I left the debate stage even more determined to talk to Americans and push harder for a larger, more specific conversation on the climate crisis. We cannot continue to plan our future without concrete plans to deal with our global reality. Climate change cannot wait.


Steyer in Iowa

California businessman Tom Steyer made his debut on the national debate stage last night, along with eleven of his closest Democratic presidential candidate friends. One of Steyer’s two biggest issues — impeachment — led off the night. However, his other passion — climate change action — received no attention at all. “I thought I was … Continue reading ""

Iowa Starting Line

Tom Steyer: Climate Change, 'Number One Issue,' Left Out of Debate

After Tuesday’s Democratic presidential debate, candidate Tom Steyer commented that climate change, his campaign’s number one priority, was left entirely out of the debate. “The impeachment discussion was worth it, but I’ll tell you what broke my heart, was no asked a question about climate,” he said.

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An entire debate without a single question on climate change––the existential issue facing not just our country, but our entire planet. I am prepared to use the emergency powers of the presidency to take on the climate crisis and protect the American people.