In his own words: I first got into politics specifically to work on climate change. It affects every American profoundly and it still isn’t getting the attention it deserves. Over the last 10 years, I’ve been obsessed with environmental justice, renewable energy, and sustainability. Climate change is an existential threat to our way of life, and the Green New Deal is a solution that matches the scale of the problem. It would create millions of jobs and kickstart new industries making us a wealthier and more equitable nation. Best of all, it would make ALL our communities healthier. The technology and the economics are here. What’s not here. . .is the politics — because our politicians will not stand up to the oil and gas companies and other corporate polluters. I have, and I will.

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In Iowa, Tom Steyer releases affordable housing, 'climate-smart' communities plan

Democratic presidential candidate Tom Steyer rolled out a four-point affordable housing plan Monday outlining his ideas to bolster America’s affordable housing supply, fight homelessness, build family wealth and develop “climate-smart” communities.

Des Moines Register

Steyer in Iowa

A woman in Northwood told @TomSteyer his odds of being the nominee are very low. What will he do instead? Steyer: “This is gonna sound a little strange – but I don’t want to be President.” He wants to “do things” as President – highlighting his work on the climate crisis.


Affordable Housing Plan

[Included in plan:] As the climate crisis threatens our communities, the buildings and neighborhoods where we live will play an incredibly important role in helping the U.S. meet our climate goals. It is imperative that we invest in climate-smart communities, zero-carbon buildings, transit-oriented development, and resilient structures. A Steyer Administration will work non-stop to ensure … Continue reading ""

Tom Steyer