In his own words: “I spent last year doing the hard work of talking to farmers, ranchers, and others feeling the effects of climate change across Colorado—including in rural districts that are often left out of the conversation. We discussed the devastating effects climate change is having on their livelihoods and how they are coming together to develop innovative solutions to adapt. These conversations reinforced my belief that if we bring the country together, and engage diverse coalitions, we can build a durable solution to address climate change and drive economic growth. That is why, on Day 1, I will seize the opportunity to combat climate change—providing new opportunities for farmers, ranchers, and rural communities to become more resilient and to invest in zero-emissions energy while growing the economy.”

(Source: candidate survey)

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Bennet in New Hampshire

His first act as president would be to assemble a coalition to combat climate change. “We have to not only act urgently, but we have to act on it in a way that will endure, and we don’t have that currently,” Bennet said. He added that he doesn’t want legislation to be as disposable as … Continue reading ""


Bennet in Iowa

We had another great audience (over 60 people) for our climate conversation with @MichaelBennet earlier tonight at Karma Coffee Cafe in Hiawatha. Thanks to Senator Bennet and everyone who was able to participate, and thank to @Linn_County_Dem chair Bret Nilles for the photo.


Bennet on climate change

“I think we have to be aggressive on climate. But I believe that we need to do this by creating a politics that unifies the country, that can overcome the division that Trump represents. And overcome the division that the Tea party, the Freedom Caucus represents. Just to take one example: We have a climate … Continue reading ""

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Bennet in California

Bennet has released a plan to deal with climate change based on reducing emissions while increasing job opportunities; conserving resources to improve economic opportunities for farmers, ranchers, and foresters; and investing in infrastructure, innovation and science domestically and globally. His plan includes making a commitment to conserve 30% of the nation’s lands and oceans by … Continue reading ""

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Climate tweets on Bennet

Presidential candidate @MichaelBennet just signed the #NoFossilFuelMoney pledge! He’s the 19th contender to reject dirty $ from Big Oil, Gas, & Coal lobbyists, execs, & PACs. Fossil fuel money has no place in our politics. This is the new minimum standard for climate leadership.