Michael Bennet ended his presidential campaign on February 11, 2020.

In his own words: “I spent last year doing the hard work of talking to farmers, ranchers, and others feeling the effects of climate change across Colorado—including in rural districts that are often left out of the conversation. We discussed the devastating effects climate change is having on their livelihoods and how they are coming together to develop innovative solutions to adapt. These conversations reinforced my belief that if we bring the country together, and engage diverse coalitions, we can build a durable solution to address climate change and drive economic growth. That is why, on Day 1, I will seize the opportunity to combat climate change—providing new opportunities for farmers, ranchers, and rural communities to become more resilient and to invest in zero-emissions energy while growing the economy.”

(Source: candidate survey)

Michael Bennet Climate Change News Feed

Let’s say a lawmaker wants to hold a hearing on climate change. All the Kochs & other billionaires have to do is rattle the coins in their pockets & threaten to fund the primary opponent in that lawmaker’s next election. Just like that, the climate hearing is dropped.


Tough Q for Bennet: Why did he vote for Keystone? He says McConnell was using it as a political club against Dems, so he voted for it to get past it. “Every single time that went to the Senate floor, they were trying to disqualify Democrats on jobs and infrastructure.”


Bennet in New Hampshire

As the son of a public servant & Holocaust survivor, my worldview is shaped by America’s promise. As president, I’ll reimagine U.S. global leadership to restore our alliances & credibility and tackle challenges like climate change. Thanks to @WorldAffairsNH for having me.


To progress and save ourselves, we must forge a constituency for change

A few weeks ago, during a town hall at Java Joe’s in downtown Des Moines, a woman named Teresa asked the most existential question I’ve heard on the trail: “Can Western democracy solve climate change?” The answer to that question has everything to do with why I’m running for president, and how I believe we … Continue reading "https://www.desmoinesregister.com/story/opinion/columnists/caucus/2020/01/14/michael-bennet-democrat-president-iowa-caucus-lasting-constituency-climate-change/4419581002/"

Des Moines Register

Bennet in South Carolina

Charleston is not only on the frontlines of flooding, but out in front on the issue with its leadership on climate mitigation and resilience. Spent the morning with Chief Resilience Officer Mark Wilbert, who showed me the city’s latest tactics for tackling these challenges.


Bennet in New Hampshire

Another aspect of The Real Deal is climate change policy. Bennet’s plan includes conserving 30 percent of America’s lands and ocean waters by 2030, requiring power providers to offer zero-emission energy to every household and business and allocating payments to agriculture workers to sequester carbon. With the limited support behind climate change initiatives in the … Continue reading "https://www.sentinelsource.com/news/local/colorado-s-bennet-makes-his-long-shot-case-in-keene/article_24d0080b-c5eb-5cf0-9a49-907d35a48717.html"


Bennet in Iowa

In addition to the electoral math, Bennet connected his purple state appeal to how Democrats can achieve some of the ambitious plans on their agenda like climate change. “If you accept our current politics — which is McConnel’s world, Trump’s world — I would argue that you can’t solve climate change because we are living … Continue reading "https://www.press-citizen.com/story/news/2019/12/02/bennet-argues-winning-purple-states-key-beating-trump/4348689002/"

Iowa City Press-Citizen

Bennet: With climate must build constituency to create durable change. About the economy, leading in innovtion, creating high paying jobs to retrofit. My plan would pay farmers and ranchers to sequester carbon. Says idea will unify those divided by the issue. #IACaucus