In his own words: “I spent last year doing the hard work of talking to farmers, ranchers, and others feeling the effects of climate change across Colorado—including in rural districts that are often left out of the conversation. We discussed the devastating effects climate change is having on their livelihoods and how they are coming together to develop innovative solutions to adapt. These conversations reinforced my belief that if we bring the country together, and engage diverse coalitions, we can build a durable solution to address climate change and drive economic growth. That is why, on Day 1, I will seize the opportunity to combat climate change—providing new opportunities for farmers, ranchers, and rural communities to become more resilient and to invest in zero-emissions energy while growing the economy.”

(Source: candidate survey)

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Bennet in New Hampshire

He said democracy can’t survive without change in an economy skewed to benefit those at the top. That led to a discussion of clean energy and its impact on the economy. After saying President Donald Trump should be the last climate-denier to ever live in the White House, Bennet said, “If we don’t deal with … Continue reading ""

Bennet in Arizona

There were many questions asked about climate change, another issue Bennet feels strongly about. When asked about Colorado’s favorable ratings for air and water quality, he argued for the need to regulate both at a federal level in order for all states to enjoy the same benefits. He stated the need to fight for conservation, … Continue reading ""

The Arizona State Press

We are facing a conservation crisis – it's time to fully fund the Land and Water Conservation Fund

By Gene Karpinski, LCV President While a number of strategies should be undertaken to address the decline of natural systems—including reducing pollution and taking other steps to fight climate change—one of the most effective ways is simply to preserve more land and water in their natural state. That is why a growing number of scientists … Continue reading ""