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Tough Q for Bennet: Why did he vote for Keystone? He says McConnell was using it as a political club against Dems, so he voted for it to get past it. “Every single time that went to the Senate floor, they were trying to disqualify Democrats on jobs and infrastructure.”


Sanders on climate change

Sanders says his attorney general would open a criminal investigation into the fossil fuel industry, litigating over climate change as the government once did to the tobacco industry over smoking. He would use his executive authority to ban offshore drilling and fossil fuel extraction on public lands, and to revoke federal permits for the Keystone … Continue reading ""


Warren in Iowa

THANK YOU Sen. Elizabeth Warren for confirming your #NoKXLpledge to revoke Trump’s unilateral permits for the Keystone XL and Dakota Access pipelines, and restore a #ClimateTest for all energy projects today at the Frank LaMere Native American Presidential Forum!


The KXL & DAPL pipelines were approved by Trump without consent of Tribal Nations or thought of climate change. I’m standing with tribal nations, farmers, ranchers, and environmental groups like @BoldNebraska, @IENearth, @MN_350, & @HonorTheEarth and taking the #NoKXLpledge.


Tribe raises stakes in Dakota Access pipeline fight amid surge in Democratic 2020 support

Battles over Keystone XL and the Dakota Access pipeline are rapidly emerging as electoral issues.