In his own words: I just had a daughter, and I want her to have a healthy world to live in when she grows up. I want all of our kids to grow up and live and have kids of their own on a planet without an expiration date. But right now, that’s not guaranteed.

I also grew up in (and now represent) an area in Massachusetts that’s defined by its coastline, both economically and culturally. And if we don’t act on climate change, I don’t know what my hometown is going to look like ten years from now, much less 20.

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Much like the Civilian Conservation Corps built & maintained our National Parks in the 1930s, the Federal Green Corps will take on projects to make communities more resilient from rising oceans, ensure clean air & water, & retrofit public buildings to make them energy-efficient.


Moulton on climate change

Moulton would also build a Federal Green Corps to combat climate change, restructure the Corporation for National and Community service into the National and Community Service Administration, and create a cabinet position for its administrator. Those who answer the call to service could join the Federal Green Corps and work on projects that range from … Continue reading ""

The Mercury News

Moulton on climate change

Moulton calls climate change an “existential issue,” but says the Green New Deal—the Democratic plan to spend trillions of federal dollars to force the U.S. economy off carbon—is too heavy-handed. “It’s extremely expensive, many economists think it would be harmful to the economy, and that shouldn’t be the approach,” he says. Instead, Moulton would establish … Continue reading ""

Yahoo News

Moulton on climate change

Moulton describes climate change as one of two “primary challenges in this country right now” and co-sponsored the Green New Deal. “The first [primary challenge] is that our economy is changing faster than ever before, and Americans everywhere are being left behind,” Moulton’s campaign website said. “The second is climate change. That’s why we need … Continue reading ""

Business Insider

Moulton in New Hampshire

Moulton stated that he originally signed onto the Green New Deal out of his belief in the need to address climate change, but he says now he has reservations about some of the proposals. “That was before all of the components came out. You know what? Some of the components aren’t realistic,” Moulton said. “So … Continue reading ""