In his own words: I just had a daughter, and I want her to have a healthy world to live in when she grows up. I want all of our kids to grow up and live and have kids of their own on a planet without an expiration date. But right now, that’s not guaranteed.

I also grew up in (and now represent) an area in Massachusetts that’s defined by its coastline, both economically and culturally. And if we don’t act on climate change, I don’t know what my hometown is going to look like ten years from now, much less 20.

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Moulton in Iowa

National service: Moulton’s approach to higher-education costs and climate change is more innovative, if a bit idealistic. He calls for a massive national service program, which would be voluntary for all Americans between the ages of 17 and 24. The federal government would pay for college or job training based on years of service. The … Continue reading ""

Des Moines Register

Q: How can you bridge polarization on climate issues? Moulton says he’ll find common ground by starting with things that bipartisan lawmakers (cites Rs on coasts) acknowledge, like rising oceans/flooding and national security implications of climate change #IACaucus


Moulton in Iowa

Congressmember Seth Moulton (D, MA) spoke to a crowd of 30+ at Lucky’s on Sixteenth in Czech Village in Cedar Rapids. He and State Senator Rob Hogg engaged the audience on issues of climate and related matters.


Moulton in Nevada

Moulton said he would rejoin The Paris Agreement, though he would want something stronger that would also acknowledge the role the “developing world plays” when it comes to climate change. America, he added, should be the leader in green energy technology that could aid countries that struggle to address climate change. That role would also … Continue reading ""

Nevada Current

Differences aside, I applaud Pete for his comprehensive plan. National service will help unify the country, heal the wounds of partisanship and hate, build strong communities, and tackle big challenges like climate change. Every candidate should support these goals.


The core of the Green New Deal is absolutely right: rapid decarbonization + serious efforts to deliver equitable economic development. But we should choose a GND that contains the most effective forms of each to ensure we succeed in combating climate change. —J #DemDebate


It’s time for the generation that fought in Iraq and Afghanistan to take over for the generation who sent us there, and time for the generation who will bear the brunt of our changing climate and economy to take over for the generation who got us here.