In his own words: “My children are growing up in a different environment than I did. In 2017, Montana had our most expensive fire season in history with over 6 weeks of periodic evacuations, smoke-laden skies and double the incidence of respiratory illness-related ER visits, and the tragic loss of two wildland firefighters. In recent summers we have often closed or restricted our rivers to fishing to give fish a respite while enduring warmer rivers. Glacier National Park is losing its glaciers. Montana farmers and ranchers are coping with drought, pests and disease and variability impacting their livelihoods. Quite simply, my home is visibly changing.

As a father of three children, I know we have to do better for our country, our world and our future.

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Steve Bullock Climate Change News Feed

Asked about climate change at @welcometomannys, Montana @GovernorBullock says, “We’ve got to find ways to both combat, and move forward in renewable areas,” while addressing impacts on individual Americans — “finding opportunities for workers who are displaced.”


Bullock on climate change

As a governor from a state with robust public lands and wildlife, Bullock has advocated for measures to reduce pollution, protect wildlife, and combat the impacts of climate change. “To not acknowledge or deal with our changing climate in a responsible way is shortsighted and dangerous,” Bullock told Montana Public Radio in 2017 after the … Continue reading ""

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Bullock in Iowa

Bullock additionally expressed concern about the issue of climate change – which he has previously said is hastened by carbon emissions – though he didn’t go into great detail about the specifics of his plan beyond re-entering the Paris Climate Accord, and received criticism in 2016 for punting on the creation of a council to … Continue reading ""

Mason City Globe Gazette

Big Pharma cuts some of the biggest checks in politics, yet we now pay more for healthcare and prescription drugs than any other country—with nothing to show for it. As Big Oil reaps record profits, our politicians stand by and do literally nothing to deal with climate change.