In his own words: “My children are growing up in a different environment than I did. In 2017, Montana had our most expensive fire season in history with over 6 weeks of periodic evacuations, smoke-laden skies and double the incidence of respiratory illness-related ER visits, and the tragic loss of two wildland firefighters. In recent summers we have often closed or restricted our rivers to fishing to give fish a respite while enduring warmer rivers. Glacier National Park is losing its glaciers. Montana farmers and ranchers are coping with drought, pests and disease and variability impacting their livelihoods. Quite simply, my home is visibly changing.

As a father of three children, I know we have to do better for our country, our world and our future.

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Steve Bullock Climate Change News Feed


Bullock: Recognizing dark money's influence key to addressing climate change, gun violence

Democratic presidential hopeful Steve Bullock said Wednesday that increasing transparency in campaign finance laws is key to addressing issues like climate change and gun violence.


Some say this is a fringe issue. But for progressives who want to make progress on climate — not to mention reduce gun violence, raise wages, & more — the fight against Big Money is the defining issue of our time. I’ll make it the defining issue of my presidency. #DemDebate


Everyone on this stage believes we need bold action on climate change. But we have to realize Republicans won’t even acknowledge it exists, because of the corrupting influence of Dark Money. We need to end money’s grip on our politics. Yesterday. #DemDebate