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Sanders and Biden tackle climate change and infectious diseases; Biden says he'll ban some oil drilling

Asked how his climate change plan would help address the future of infectious disease, Sanders said his plan addresses that particular climate change-fueled problem. But he didn’t elaborate on how his plan would tackle infectious diseases. Biden said that when he and Obama took office, they were briefed on how climate change is the single-greatest … Continue reading ""


New Arizona Poll: Majority of Democratic Primary Voters Believe Climate Issues Are Important

New polling shows that the vast majority of Arizona Democratic primary voters (90%) believe environmental and climate issues are important and 86% of Arizona Democratic primary voters say they are more likely to support a candidate who pledges to make climate change a top issue in their administration and prioritize policies to move the United … Continue reading ""

League of Conservation Voters

Where Biden and Sanders diverge on climate change

Democratic White House hopefuls Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders believe climate change is an existential threat, that the United States should immediately rejoin global climate talks, and that fossil fuel workers need help adjusting to a cleaner energy economy. The similarities end there. Sanders wants to end fossil fuel use completely in power and transport … Continue reading ""


Steyer in South Carolina

The Billionaire candidate focused on issues he cares about the most, and feels should be most important to voters, including dealing with climate change. “We have to rebuild the United States of America and we have to rebuild it from a climate-smart way. You know what that is? That’s the biggest job program in American … Continue reading ""


Buttigieg in Nevada

On climate change, Buttigieg said that he wants to lean on solar power and geothermal resources in the West, including in states like Nevada, to further his overall goal of removing carbon from the country’s energy generation system. To that end, the midwestern mayor has proposed quadrupling funding for research and development on energy generation … Continue reading ""


I was proud to have passed a constitutional ballot measure in Nevada that raised the state’s energy portfolio to 50 percent renewables by 2030. I’m the ONLY candidate who will make tackling the climate crisis my top priority. #DemDebate


Biden tweets

I visited the Techren solar facility. Let me tell you: Nevada gets it. Solar facilities like this one are powering our transition to clean energy and creating jobs in the process. We’ve got to transition to a clean energy economy. #DemDebate


A Comprehensive Agenda to Boost America’s Small Businesses

[Included in plan:] The climate crisis is the challenge of our lifetime. Addressing it will require rapid innovation on par with the space race along with widespread domestic and international adoption of clean, renewable, and emission-free energy technologies. But like the challenges America has faced before, it is also an opportunity for American business: Transitioning … Continue reading ""