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New Arizona Poll: Majority of Democratic Primary Voters Believe Climate Issues Are Important

New polling shows that the vast majority of Arizona Democratic primary voters (90%) believe environmental and climate issues are important and 86% of Arizona Democratic primary voters say they are more likely to support a candidate who pledges to make climate change a top issue in their administration and prioritize policies to move the United … Continue reading ""

League of Conservation Voters

Bennet in Arizona

There were many questions asked about climate change, another issue Bennet feels strongly about. When asked about Colorado’s favorable ratings for air and water quality, he argued for the need to regulate both at a federal level in order for all states to enjoy the same benefits. He stated the need to fight for conservation, … Continue reading ""

The Arizona State Press

O'Rourke in Arizona

Climate change, O’Rourke said, is a threat to everyone on the planet, and to future generations. Inaction in the face of science, he said, will reap “the worst catastrophe, the worst hell that we could possibly imagine for every generation that follows ours.” The nation must free itself from dependency on fossil fuels and embrace renewable energy, he … Continue reading ""


Warren in Arizona

On climate change, Warren put inaction on lawmakers. “Politicians continue to take money from giant oil companies, from big mining companies,” she said. “Politicians keep taking money and keep doing nothing. This is the urgent crisis of our time.” On her first day in office, Warren promised to place a moratorium on any new drilling … Continue reading ""

Courthouse News

Warren in Arizona

Climate change, Warren said, is a threat to every living thing on the planet. But it’s also a $23 trillion growth industry for humankind to harness, she said, adding that America should invest in technology to counter its effects and export that to the world — for free if needed.