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Sanders defends vote against USMCA: 'Not a single damn mention' of climate change

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) released a video on Friday explaining his vote Thursday against the U.S.-Mexico-Canada Agreement trade deal (USMCA), saying that it included “not a single damn mention” of climate change. “There is not one reference to the words climate change,” Sanders said in the video posted to Twitter. “Here you have a major trade agreement which in fact will … Continue reading ""


Biden in California

Q: We’ve seen devastating wildfires across California. One big question is whether or not to rebuild. How would you balance that as president. Does the federal government pay to relocate people or — A: Look, the federal government, we have a $1.7 trillion project. We have to get to net-zero emissions. We have to start … Continue reading ""


Legally protect climate change refugees

As the climate crisis escalates, global migration is expected to increase. Tom will help people around the world recover from disasters by providing funding, equipment, and support. This will help communities improve their disaster response procedures, alleviate critical short-term scarcities, and institute effective recoveries. Under new legal categories, those fleeing climate-related catastrophes will be able … Continue reading ""

Tom Steyer

Steyer in South Carolina

1. What would you do now and in the future to address climate change’s impact, particularly for poor and rural residents of coastal communities? Climate change is impacting the poor and natural disasters are sinking vulnerable communities further into poverty. Under my Administration on day one, I will declare climate a national emergency and address … Continue reading ""

Charleston City Paper

Sanders in Iowa

Despite being known as the Medicare for All candidate, Sanders didn’t open his speech with talk of healthcare. Instead he began by addressing the issue of climate change. It was then that Sanders was less inquisitive and more imperative. “When we are fighting to save this planet, it is not radical to say that that … Continue reading ""

Mason City Globe Gazette

Buttigieg in New Hampshire

Buttigieg fielded a range of questions, from climate change to political strategy to his proposal to restructure the U.S. Supreme Court. He called climate change “the security threat of our time” and promised a national mobilization of resources as well as more vigorous efforts to persuade foreign powers to take action.