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We have to treat climate change like the existential threat it is. As president, I will: – End subsidies for fossil fuel corporations – Ban new drilling on federal lands & waters – Hold oil executives accountable – Rally the world to raise the commitments of the Paris Agreement


Sanders and Biden tackle climate change and infectious diseases; Biden says he'll ban some oil drilling

Asked how his climate change plan would help address the future of infectious disease, Sanders said his plan addresses that particular climate change-fueled problem. But he didn’t elaborate on how his plan would tackle infectious diseases. Biden said that when he and Obama took office, they were briefed on how climate change is the single-greatest … Continue reading ""


Biden links action on climate, infectious disease

Former Vice President Joe Biden drew a connection yesterday between his argument for more aggressive action on climate change and fighting infectious diseases.


Did Biden help secure the Paris Agreement? We checked

Former Vice President Joe Biden frequently asserts on the campaign trail that he helped secure the Paris Agreement by bringing China to the negotiating table.


When I say I’ll fight climate change, I mean it. As mayor, I cut NYC’s carbon footprint and achieved the city’s cleanest air in 50 years. When Trump pulled out of the Paris Agreement, I mobilized a coalition to uphold America’s obligations. I don’t just talk. I #GetItDone.


Buttigieg in Nevada

The former mayor also said his first action if he were elected would be to enact climate change policies. “We gotta deal with climate right away,” he said. “They’re rolling back clean air and clean water protections. We gotta rejoin the Paris Climate Accord on day one.”