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Biden in Delaware

When speaking to the crowd, Jill Biden acknowledged “so many old friends” in attendance. She then asked the audience to imagine that it’s the summer of 2021. “You’re sipping your coffee and you pick up the morning paper. The headline isn’t some late night tweetstorm,” she said. “Instead, it’s about a story about children who … Continue reading ""

Delaware Online

Steyer in Colorado

Steyer recently announced his detailed plan to address climate change. If elected president, he said he would declare the climate crisis a national emergency on his first day in office. He would implement his five-pillar framework for the Justice-Centered Climate Plan with or without the support of Congress. “He is prepared to use the emergency … Continue reading ""

Aspen Times

O'Rourke on climate change

O’Rourke believes that “our existential threat is climate change.” His first campaign policy proposal was a ten-year, five-trillion-dollar plan that would recommit the United States to the Paris climate agreement and seek to produce zero-net carbon emissions by 2050. The plan had some specifics, like ending government fossil-fuel leases, but it also left unanswered a … Continue reading ""

Council on Foreign Relations

Klobuchar in Iowa

Climate change is not happening in 100 years,” Klobuchar said. “It is happening right now. And we can do – we’ve got the answers right here. There is so much we can do.” Klobuchar said that includes re-committing to the Paris Agreement, the multi-nations agreement focused on reducing greenhouse gas emissions that Trump withdrew the … Continue reading ""

Iowa Public Radio

Presidential hopeful Julian Castro says climate change is the most ‘existential threat to our country’

[Castro] told the crowd that the most “existential threat to our country is climate change.” “My first executive order would be to rejoin the Paris Climate Accord, and then to invest in a Green New Deal so that we create jobs and get to net zero in the years ahead.