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Gabbard in New Hampshire

On climate change, she said the U.S. is spending close to $30 billion a year in subsidies to fossil fuel and big agribusiness corporations. Gabbard said she would end those subsidies and invest in clean renewable energy sources and sustainable farming. Not only would that help to stop climate change but she pointed out it … Continue reading ""

The Conway Daily Sun

How 2020 Democrats will address climate change through foreign policy

The Pentagon has called climate change a “threat multiplier” in international conflict. At the same time, climate change stands to have the worst impacts on countries that contributed least to the problem. How should the US brace for global climate chaos? And what will you do to help other countries prepare for the impending disruption?


Gabbard in New Hampshire

I think we need to look at every one of our military bases around the world and assess its value and its use towards our national security interests, and the other issues that we’re facing,” Gabbard continued. “This issue of climate change and refugees is one that not only we, the United States, are concerned … Continue reading ""

Klobuchar in Washington

Klobuchar promised to move quickly on climate change, praising Washington Gov. Jay Inslee, whose scrapped presidential campaign made the issue preeminent. In her first week as president, she said, she would re-enter the U.S. in the Paris Climate Agreement, re-implement Obama regulations on gas mileage and clean power generation and introduce sweeping legislation to put … Continue reading ""

The Seattle Times

Biden in Nevada

Speaking to a crowd at the East Las Vegas Community Center, Biden stressed the need to act on multiple issues, including gun control, climate change and health care. He also continued positioning himself as a moral alternative to Trump. “We’ll never restore the American dream if we don’t unify this nation,” he said. Biden hit … Continue reading ""

Las Vegas Sun

Yang in New Hampshire

Yang told the Post and Beam crowd that he’s in the camp that believes climate change “is worse than you think.” If elected, he would sign the U.S. back onto the Paris Agreement, but he said America also needs to “lead a global effort.” There are ecosystems that need to be protected and rebuilt, he … Continue reading ""

BIden in Nevada

A week after the Climate Strikes, Biden called the climate crisis an existential threat saying, as president, he’d rejoin the Paris Agreement, provide tax credits for using electric vehicles and cut the carbon footprint in half by 2035. “We need to declare war like we are being invaded by climate change,” he said. “It’s not … Continue reading ""

Nevada Current

International Plan For Climate Justice

Climate change presents the definitive global challenge of our era. How we respond will determine not just our place in history — but the ability for people everywhere to thrive for generations to come. From day one of my administration, I will center the climate crisis at the heart of my foreign policy. Continued »

Tom Steyer 2020