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In his own words: “Climate change is a defining challenge of our time, and yet we have a president who is taking us in the wrong direction. He withdrew our country from the Paris climate accords. He is expanding drilling on public lands. He is forfeiting our country’s leadership, changing our national symbol from the eagle to an ostrich, burying our head in the sand in the face of this global threat. As Governor, I saw the impact of climate change in dealing with the Biblical floods and fires that ravaged Colorado.

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Hickenlooper in Iowa

Happening now: @Hickenlooper addressing a group at a coffee shop in Newton, Iowa. He’s on a two-day swing through the state. He’s presented his biography while focusing on health care, climate change and automation. He’s on to a Q and A. #iacaucus


Hickenlooper in Iowa

Climate change. Three things must be accomplished rapidly, he said. The nation must get its electricity from renewable sources, including wind, solar and batteries. This could be done in five years, he said. Second, electric vehicles must become the norm, with the government helping to build a network of recharging stations. Third, buildings, both homes … Continue reading ""

The Quad-City Times

Hickenlooper in New Hampshire

On climate change, Hickenlooper emphasized his ability to bring together industrial and environmental groups. He told an anecdote about working as a go-between for an organization looking to stop methane emissions and an industry group. After discussions with both, he said he found out that both sides were simply concerned with who would get credit … Continue reading ""

The Dartmouth

Hickenlooper in New Hampshire

Overall, Hickenlooper stressed the importance of coming together for environmental issues. “I have a greater sense of urgency than just about anyone I know about climate change,” he said. “… I think our challenge is not figuring out what we should do. … We know what we have to do. What we need is the … Continue reading ""

Hickenlooper on climate change

He also takes issue with major portions of the ambitious Green New Deal climate change plan, such as a federal jobs guarantee. At an April 26 event in San Francisco, he declined to support a carbon tax, saying such a proposal would be “so demonized it becomes a huge partisan battle.” He added, “I’m not … Continue reading ""