John Hickenlooper on climate, fracking and beer


John Hickenlooper is the only presidential candidate who has taken a sip of fracking fluid.

The former Colorado governor famously took a swig of the viscous liquid to prove it was safe during a meeting with oil and gas company CEOs in 2013.

Ever since, the Democrat has faced criticism from environmentalists for being too cozy with the fossil fuel industry. Some greens have even furnished a new nickname for the candidate: Frackenlooper.

In an interview with E&E News this week, however, Hickenlooper said the incident has been taken out of context by many news outlets and observers.

In fact, he said, the episode helped him gain the trust of the oil and gas company CEOs, which led to the eventual passage of the nation’s first-ever methane emissions regulations for the industry.  Continued »

Source: E&E News