Beto O’Rourke ended his presidential campaign on November 1, 2019.

In his own words: “In the great existential challenges that face us, and none greater than climate change. This, scientists tell us, is happening beyond a shadow of a doubt, is caused by human activity and human inaction, and there are 12 years left to us – every single one of us. This rests on all of our shoulders to act while we still can, and make sure that this world is inhabitable for the generations – the kids, the grandkids, the people of the future – who will succeed us on this planet. In other words, we never face a set of greater challenges than the ones that are before us now.”

(Source: candidate survey) 

Beto O’Rourke Climate Change News Feed

LCV thanks @BetoORourke for being a strong voice for climate throughout the Democratic Primary. From the start of his campaign, O’Rourke prioritized investing at an unprecedented scale in communities bearing the brunt of harmful pollution, and facing the climate crisis head on.


The Weather Channel to Interview Presidential Candidates in '2020: Race to Save the Planet' on Thursday, November 7

On Thursday, November 7, The Weather Channel television network will air “2020: Race to Save the Planet,” a one-hour, primetime special featuring conversations with the network’s meteorologists and nine Democratic and Republican presidential candidates on climate change and produced in partnership with The Climate Desk, a media consortium.

Weather Channel

O'Rourke in Texas

Beto O’Rourke wants Texans to stand up against the fear that he says President Donald Trump has brought to America. He wants Americans to loudly fight against racism, against those who aren’t actively fighting global climate change because it “isn’t good at the polls,” and against those politicians who are blocking gun control measures.


O'Rourke in Arizona

Climate change, O’Rourke said, is a threat to everyone on the planet, and to future generations. Inaction in the face of science, he said, will reap “the worst catastrophe, the worst hell that we could possibly imagine for every generation that follows ours.” The nation must free itself from dependency on fossil fuels and embrace renewable energy, he … Continue reading ""