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Bloomberg in California

I finished my California climate change tour by speaking with community members from around Monterey, CA. They told me a little about them, and I told them a little about me. Together, we can make this country what it should be.


Bloomberg in California

NOW: In Monterey, CA @MikeBloomberg begins remarks talking about climate change, saying we can’t just talk about future we have to deal with effects now Also says he, unlike other Dems, is all in on CA and says you don’t see other Dems in the state unles they’re here raising $


Bloomberg meets voters, discusses climate change in Monterey

Bloomberg’s speech touched on a variety of issues but focused on climate change and uniting the country. “California has felt the devastating effects of climate change,” he said, adding that the sea level has risen six inches since 1950 and California struggled with its worst drought in modern history.

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Biden in California

Q: We’ve seen devastating wildfires across California. One big question is whether or not to rebuild. How would you balance that as president. Does the federal government pay to relocate people or — A: Look, the federal government, we have a $1.7 trillion project. We have to get to net-zero emissions. We have to start … Continue reading ""


Bernie Sanders addresses climate change in Moreno Valley speech

Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders stopped in Moreno Valley Friday, Dec. 20, to tout his aggressive plan to slow global warming and create millions of jobs, hoping to win over Inland Empire voters ahead of the March primary.

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