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Castro in California

In closing, Castro cautioned the audience about what he believed to be the greatest challenge of our time: climate change. “The US is the nation best equipped to lead this effort,” Castro said. He expressed support the Green New Deal and the Paris Climate Accords. Despite his emphasis on the high stakes of climate change, … Continue reading ""

The Stanford Daily

Kamala Harris: As climate crisis makes fires worse, here are some solutions

This isn’t normal. We’ve always had wildfires, but not like this. Hurricane-force winds, simultaneous blazes raging with no end in sight, mass blackouts to prevent the next catastrophe. With every passing wildfire season, the threat gets more intense and the strain on families and communities intensifies.

Talk is cheap, @realdonaldtrump. @GavinNewsom spent his weekend running emergency relief and recovery for Californians. We need a president who understands the climate crisis and who will work with leaders like Governor Newsom across the U.S.