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Sanders in California

.@BernieSanders also held a rally in Long Beach where he hit @realDonaldTrump on climate change: “We have a president who happens not to believe in science. He is too busy spreading his racism and sexism and xenophobia to read any literature about the crisis of climate change.


Californians' Concerns About Worsening Wildfires at Record High

A new poll reveals Californians’ considerable anxiety about the effects of climate change on the state.


Inslee in California

Yesterday, 250 folks in the senior community of Rossmoor (home of the Rossmoor Democratic Club, the largest Democratic club in America) agreed: We need to defeat the climate crisis. Grandparents get it. And so do their grandkids.


Presidential hopeful Jay Inslee tells Walnut Creek crowd why climate change is his top priority

For Washington Gov. Jay Inslee, the environment isn’t just a concern, it’s the reason he’s running for president. The 68-year-old Inslee told a crowd of about 400 Rossmoor Democrats Tuesday afternoon that he wasn’t looking to get in the race until he saw that none of the other candidates was making the nation’s environmental concerns … Continue reading ""

In Walnut Creek, @JayInslee connects w 100s of Boomers at #Rossmoor: “My last days on earth, I wanted to be able to look my 3 grandkids in the eye, and say I did everything possible” to address climate change. Worries for future generations often expressed among Boomers here.


Bennet in California

Bennet has released a plan to deal with climate change based on reducing emissions while increasing job opportunities; conserving resources to improve economic opportunities for farmers, ranchers, and foresters; and investing in infrastructure, innovation and science domestically and globally. His plan includes making a commitment to conserve 30% of the nation’s lands and oceans by … Continue reading ""

NBC Southern California

Hickenlooper, Inslee on climate change

One candidate — former Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper — took a more moderate approach in his remarks, and suffered the crowd’s displeasure. The former governor was booed after he argued against socialism, saying, “We shouldn’t try to achieve universal coverage by removing private insurance from over 150 million Americans. We should not try to tackle … Continue reading ""


Castro, Delaney on climate change

After that Castro said, “I would sign an executive order recommitting the United States to the Paris Climate Accord so that we lead again on sustainability.” Tense moments came when John Delaney was nearly booed off stage after saying Medicare For All is not good policy, but he managed to get some points in about … Continue reading ""


In what has become his standard at #CADem19, @BetoORourke once again opens his speech in Spanish: “Muy, muy buenos días.” After about a minute, in the middle of comments about addressing climate change, he simple switches over to English and keeps going.


She kicks off her speech slamming the Koch brothers, oil and drug companies and climate skeptics. “Here’s the good news. I have the biggest anti-corruption plan since Watergate,” @ewarren says. “Here’s the bad news. We need the biggest anti-corruption bill since Watergate.