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Getting out the vote in Indian Country

Steyer sold himself as the best candidate on climate change and environmental protection. He said he opposed turning over sacred Paiute land to the U.S. military, a position shared by other Democratic presidential hopefuls. Steyer also stressed his opposition to the construction of a high-level nuclear waste repository at Yucca Mountain. “I’m the only one … Continue reading ""

Nevada Current

Democrats tout plans for Indian Country, urge voter access at second-ever Native American presidential candidate forum

Before joining the event, Warren tweeted about the U.S. military’s pending proposal to expand the Naval Air Station Fallon in Nevada by about 600,000 acres — a plan that the Las Vegas Paiute Tribe has opposed — and promised that as president she would seek “free prior, informed consent” from tribes on decisions affecting their lands. The Massachusetts senator … Continue reading ""


Buttigieg in Nevada

“Tackling climate change and our environmental challenges will also be a focus of this rural renaissance. Too often, rural America has been told it’s part of the climate problem and not invited to be part of the solution. So we’ll invest up to $50 billion in agricultural R&D over the next decade, invest in clean … Continue reading ""

The Ely Times

Sanders in Nevada

What I’m also hearing — much more than I did a few years ago — is people’s concerns about climate change. I know that it’s a big issue here in Nevada and California. People now understand that climate change is very real, it is devastating our country and the world and that we have got … Continue reading ""

Las Vegas Sun

Biden in Nevada

.@JoeBiden tours a solar farm facility in Boulder City, NV Says solar power is a passion of his “The only thing we don’t store is nuclear waste…Harry Reid would have my head,” Biden says


First-Time Voter Akaash Krishnan Wants Action On Climate Change

Local high school students involved with the Nevada Youth Climate Strike recently held an event in Reno, where they taught people how to recycle and


Climate tweets on Sanders

Following Elko stop, @BernieSanders campaign issues statement pointing out that his vow to block drilling on federal lands includes Ruby Mountains: “we will immediately end all new and existing fossil fuel extraction on federal public lands, including Nevada’s Ruby Mountains”


Sanders in Nevada

“Let’s be clear. President Trump, and anybody who tells you that climate change is a hoax, is not manmade, is not already doing devastating harm to this country and around the world, is turning their backs on their children and future generations of this country. Climate change is an existential threat, it is a major, … Continue reading ""

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