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Climate in Nevada

What happens if he wins is a nightmare I don’t want to get into,” he added later. America’s standing in the world is in danger, he said, as is the basic functioning of our government, not to mention the future of the climate. Before the interview, I’d been warned that while Reid is in better … Continue reading ""

The Atlantic

Advocates push to keep climate change atop minds of Nevada voters, presidential candidates

Gene Karpinski, the president of LCV, and Matt McKnight, the director of LCV’s Change the Climate 2020 program, and Andy Maggi, executive director of the Nevada Conservation League, sat down recently with the Sun to talk about pushing the climate issue forward in 2020 and how Nevada has taken a role in making the issue … Continue reading ""

Las Vegas Sun

Steyer on climate change

He was among the 10 Democratic candidates on the stage at the huge Tyler Perry studio complex Wednesday night outside Atlanta. “Well, Jeff, my goal last night was to try and show the differences between me and the other people on stage,” Tom Steyer said via satellite, satisfied, he says, with his debate performance. On … Continue reading ""


Castro on Instagram

Yesterday, I visited the Anaconda Copper Mine in Yerington, Nevada. The mine’s pollution is having devastating environmental consequences for the Yerington community—including the Paiute tribe who has called this land home for centuries. In my administration, the federal government will consult and seek consent from Indigenous people on projects like these that affect them. We’ll … Continue reading ""


Buttigieg in Nevada

While many of the candidates referenced the fight for the White House, South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg asked Nevadans what kind of nation they’d like to see the hypothetical day after Trump leaves office. For instance, he talked about uniting Americans on climate change and showing how environmentally friendly policies support both the auto worker … Continue reading ""

Nevada Independent

2020 Democrats in Las Vegas unify in attacking Trump as 'Divider-In-Chief'

[Biden] pledged to fight climate change with mandated lower emissions, funnel money into public education and make health care affordable without raising middle class taxes. … Sanders pledged to fight climate change with a $16.3 trillion plan that builds on the Green New Deal and calls for the United States to move to renewable energy across … Continue reading ""

Reno Gazette Journal

2020 candidates must talk climate

The moderators of the fourth presidential primary debate did not ask a single question about climate change even though almost 80% of Democratic primary voters nationwide say that a candidate’s position on climate change is very important to them.

Las Vegas Sun

Editorial: Nation must match Nevada’s sense of urgency regarding climate change

Heat waves in Southern Nevada are growing in duration and intensity, fueling a nearly five-fold increase in heat-related deaths here in the past six years. Air quality in Nevada is at …

Las Vegas Sun