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Climate change in the 2020 election

On this special episode of IndyMatters, editor Jon Ralston sits down with Gene Karpinski, head of the League of Conservation Voters, and Andy Maggi, head of the Nevada Conservation League, to chat about climate change and how the 2020 candidates are approaching the subject. They also talk about what the issue means to Nevada and … Continue reading ""

The Nevada Independent

Biden in Nevada

Nevada’s “vulnerabilities and opportunities” have played a role in shaping Biden’s plan to combat climate change, he said. […] Biden said he would immediately rejoin the Paris Agreement and work to cut carbon emissions in an effort to combat climate change.

Las Vegas Review-Journal

Biden in Nevada

Speaking to a crowd at the East Las Vegas Community Center, Biden stressed the need to act on multiple issues, including gun control, climate change and health care. He also continued positioning himself as a moral alternative to Trump. “We’ll never restore the American dream if we don’t unify this nation,” he said. Biden hit … Continue reading ""

Las Vegas Sun

Steyer in Nevada

On climate activism: “I just came from Climate Week in New York. And Climate Week is really about oil companies — in this case, oil, gas and coal companies — insisting that they make profits and endangering the health and safety of every single American citizen. That makes no sense to me…. For us to get … Continue reading ""

Las Vegas Review-Journal

Buttigieg in Nevada

For Nevadans, issues that stand out include public land use, climate change and labor unions. “The real attack on the integrity of public lands” is important in a state where 85 percent of the land is federally owned, and climate issues are “a little bit different here, not just because there’s a lot of climate … Continue reading ""

Las Vegas Review-Journal

BIden in Nevada

A week after the Climate Strikes, Biden called the climate crisis an existential threat saying, as president, he’d rejoin the Paris Agreement, provide tax credits for using electric vehicles and cut the carbon footprint in half by 2035. “We need to declare war like we are being invaded by climate change,” he said. “It’s not … Continue reading ""

Nevada Current

Lanzan campaña “Cambia el Clima 2020”

Con el objetivo de reforzar el interés de políticos, medios de comunicación y habitantes de Estados Unidos, la Liga de Votantes por la Conservación (League of Conservation Voters) ha lanzado la campaña “Cambia el Clima 2020”, la cual tiene la meta de asegurar que todos los aspirantes presidenciales trabajen en un plan real que ayude … Continue reading ""

El Tiempo Las Vegas

Sanders in Nevada

Sanders also re-affirmed his support for the Green New Deal, saying climate change made recent natural disasters more intense. “We have seen the devastation done to Puerto Rico, We have just seen last week the incredible devastation done the Bahamas,” Sanders said. It’s a message that resonated with supporters in the room. “I think nobody … Continue reading ""