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Steyer in Nevada

I put out a climate plan last week, and the three things that distinguish it from all the other climate plans are these. One, I would declare a state of emergency on Day One of my presidency. I would give Congress 100 days to pass some form of the Green New Deal and if they … Continue reading ""

Las Vegas Sun

Buttigieg in Nevada

We definitely should rejoin (the Paris Agreement). We need a carbon fee and dividend model, and I think we can rebate the full value of that out to the American people on a progressive basis so that most Americans are made better off than before. Even that’s not going to be enough. We need to … Continue reading ""

Las Vegas Sun

De Blasio in Nevada

I want to say I’m a believer in the Green New Deal, so much so that I’m implementing it right now in New York City. This is a real differentiator, I want to say upfront. A lot of good people in this race — very few of them have had to take plans and put … Continue reading ""

Las Vegas Sun

Buttigieg in Nevada

On climate change, Buttigieg said that he wants to lean on solar power and geothermal resources in the West, including in states like Nevada, to further his overall goal of removing carbon from the country’s energy generation system. To that end, the midwestern mayor has proposed quadrupling funding for research and development on energy generation … Continue reading ""

The Nevada Independent

Buttigieg on climate change

“Whether you’re in a coastal state or a desert state or the Midwest, where we’ve experienced historic flooding repeatedly, it’s become clear that [climate change] is in the here and now. . . We’ve got to have  a carbon price and dividend. We’ve got to increase our research and deployment of renewable energy, energy storage, … Continue reading ""

Nevada Public Radio

Inslee: Transition to a Green Economy Will Create Union Jobs

Washington Gov. Jay Inslee said today at the AFSCME Public Service Forum that his plan to combat climate change will create well-paid, union jobs. It is part of a strategy for environmental justice in which “everyone profits in this transition to clean energy,” he added. “One of the greatest opportunities for good, clean-energy union jobs … Continue reading ""