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Buttigieg in Nevada

The former mayor also said his first action if he were elected would be to enact climate change policies. “We gotta deal with climate right away,” he said. “They’re rolling back clean air and clean water protections. We gotta rejoin the Paris Climate Accord on day one.”


Biden in Nevada

Biden calls for a $1.7 trillion investment over 10 years to address global warming and says the initiative will create 10 million new jobs. The investments heavily skew toward new industrial efforts and represent closely tying the Green New Deal to economic development through expansion of renewable energy technology, electric vehicles, support infrastructure, etc. His … Continue reading ""

Las Vegas Sun

Klobuchar in Nevada

“Day one get back into the International Climate Change Agreement,” says Klobuchar. “Clean power rules, something that’s been negotiated over many years in the Obama Administration, and many of our power companies already believe they can make it.” Klobuchar also stated that solar power and gas mileage standards would be a priority and possibly a … Continue reading ""


Why Nevada will be America's first climate primary

A new poll shows climate change is a top priority in Nevada — especially among increasingly powerful Latinx voters.


Steyer in Nevada

Q: A study shows people of color are more likely to live near polluters. What would you do to help rebuild the EPA? A: “Priority 1 is dealing with the climate problem and having that leadership come from black and Latino communities.” @TomSteyer


Climate polling in Nevada

The Nevada Caucus is on Saturday, February 22, and our recent polling finds that climate change is the top priority for voters in the state. #ChangetheClimate2020


Indy Environment: The climate and the caucus.

Climate change on the ticket in Iowa and in New Hampshire. Let me start with this caveat: I leave the political analysis to others on staff (insert plug: follow my colleague Megan Messerly on Twitter). That said, it was interesting to see the polls of Democratic caucus/primary voters in Iowa and New Hampshire over the … Continue reading ""

The Nevada Independent

Sanders, Warren in Nevada

Warren, a co-sponsor of the Green New Deal resolution, offers a climate plan that calls for $3 trillion in spending. … The Vermont senator’s climate plan also comes with a whopping price tag—$16 trillion. That’s many times the amount most of his opponents would spend. The plan calls for modernizing the energy grid nationwide and … Continue reading ""

Buttigieg in Nevada

Climate Change Buttigieg’s climate plan calls for a federal investment of $1.5 trillion to $2 trillion, including $200 billion in clean energy research and development. He offers several creative ideas as part of his plan, including: • Issuing climate action bonds that are similar to war bonds. The climate bonds would allow Americans to invest … Continue reading ""