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Climate & Environmental Justice Town Hall

The Conservation Voters of South Carolina, National Wildlife Federation, National Action Network,  International African American Museum, South Carolina Wildlife Federation, American Rivers, American Institute of Architects SC, Southern Alliance for Clean Energy, Sierra Club – SC Chapter, Coastal Conservation League, Audubon South Carolina, and League of Women Voters SC presents a Climate and Environmental Justice Town Hall … Continue reading ""


Biden in South Carolina

“While everyone is feeling the effects of climate change, in the Lowcountry you’re on the frontlines. It’s impacting everything from your health to your local economy to your overall quality of life. That’s why my plan invests $1.7 trillion over 10 years to move our country to a 100 percent clean-energy economy with net-zero emissions … Continue reading ""

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Sanders on climate change

“Bernie’s Green New Deal will invest $16.3 trillion over 10 years to meet the targets the scientists tell us are necessary to avert climate disaster. He’ll ensure justice for frontline communities — especially under-resourced rural and coastal communities, communities of color, Native Americans, people with disabilities, children, and seniors — to recover from and prepare … Continue reading ""

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Klobuchar on climate change

Sen. Klobuchar will introduce sweeping legislation to combat the climate crisis that includes a massive investment in renewable energy, energy efficiency, climate-resilient infrastructure, climate research and innovation, rural energy development, and better, greener transportation. She is deeply committed to leaving no one behind through investments in climate adaptation and support for frontline communities. As President, … Continue reading ""

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Buttigieg in South Carolina

“We must rally our nation together to meet the climate crisis with the urgency it demands. This impacts not only our coasts, but also farmers, small businesses and homes across South Carolina. My administration will work toward a net-zero emissions society by 2050. We will enact a price on carbon and use the revenue to … Continue reading ""

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Steyer in South Carolina

Steyer said he will make addressing climate change and environmental protection his top issue if he is elected. He said climate change is a genuine threat to the environment. “I am the only person in this race who will say that climate change is their number one priority,” Steyer said. Steyer said he has visited … Continue reading ""


Yang in South Carolina

“The devastating effects of climate change are already affecting communities around the world. However, marginalized communities suffering from poverty or living in rural regions are particularly in danger. In his plan to build a sustainable economy that transitions away from fossil fuels to renewable energy, Andrew is committed to being proactive in helping these communities … Continue reading ""

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Bennet in South Carolina

Charleston is not only on the frontlines of flooding, but out in front on the issue with its leadership on climate mitigation and resilience. Spent the morning with Chief Resilience Officer Mark Wilbert, who showed me the city’s latest tactics for tackling these challenges.


Steyer in South Carolina

“Climate change is impacting the poor and natural disasters are sinking vulnerable communities further into poverty. Under my Administration on day one, I will declare climate a national emergency and address the effects of climate change on the poor. I will direct every part of the executive branch to align their rules and decisions with … Continue reading ""

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