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Elizabeth Warren debuts ambitious plan to tackle environmental racism

Democratic presidential frontrunner Elizabeth Warren has unveiled an ambitious climate and environmental justice plan that places poor communities of color at the centre of a sweeping reform package aimed at bolstering environmental protection, curbing pollution and preserving clean water and air.

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Candidates in South Carolina

Thousands of people spent their Saturday at the bend in North Charleston for the 10th annual Blue Jamboree rally to see presidential candidates and local leaders speak.


Buttigieg in South Carolina

We have to take on climate change as a national project, something that summons the energies of every American. … Everybody has to be part of the solution if we’re going to tackle climate change before it tackles us,” @PeteButtigieg said.


Pete Buttigieg to unveil disaster relief plan in South Carolina

One year after Hurricane Florence pummeled the Carolinas and just weeks after Hurricane Dorian lashed the U.S. coastline, South Bend, Indiana, Mayor Pete Buttigieg Tuesday is set to unveil new proposals aimed at helping communities withstand and rebuild in the wake of catastrophic weather events.

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Klobuchar in South Carolina

We’ve got to get started now, you see the rising sea levels, it’s costing our country $500 billion a year now, homeowners insurance has gone up 50-percent across this nation,” Klobuchar said. “That’s climate change. It’s happening right now and for this President to not respond to it and make fun of it is wrong … Continue reading ""


Buttigieg in South Carolina

.@PeteButtigieg at a Spartanburg town hall said, “I do think we need to build up the idea of caring about the future as a value.” He said that if people think more about the future, there is a “different level of urgency” in regards to climate change and generational justice.