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Buttigieg in Nevada

We definitely should rejoin (the Paris Agreement). We need a carbon fee and dividend model, and I think we can rebate the full value of that out to the American people on a progressive basis so that most Americans are made better off than before. Even that’s not going to be enough. We need to … Continue reading ""

Las Vegas Sun

Buttigieg in Florida

Buttigieg says responding to the threat of climate change could be the way the United States gets back in the “game of leading the world.” He says that would first require the United States to re-enter the Paris Climate Accord and support a carbon emissions tax. But then he says the academic and public and … Continue reading ""

90.7 WMFE

Sorting through the 2020 candidates on climate

Voters of all stripes, except those with their heads firmly stuck in the sand, should be pressing the candidates regularly for their bold ideas on how to deal with this increasingly obvious climate crisis. On this issue, there’s little time to waste.

Boston Globe

Delaney on climate change

“My proposal is to create a carbon fee and dividend, which is modeled after the legislation that I introduced in Congress. It was the only bipartisan bill on climate change in Congress, by the way. This puts a fee on carbon, which makes fossil fuels more expensive and less attractive, and it takes all the … Continue reading ""


Gillibrand in New Hampshire

Quinn asked Gillibrand what she would do to address climate change, to which the senator replied with her plan to put a price on carbon and invest the tax revenue into green-energy technology. In a follow-up interview, Gillibrand told The Sentinel her plan does not include a cap on total carbon emissions, but that the … Continue reading ""

Gillibrand in New Hampshire

Gillibrand pledged as president to pass a “green New Deal,” and she said she also supports a carbon tax. She said she wants to start a ‘green energy race with China,” like former President John Kennedy had started the space race with Russia in the 1960s. Putting a price on carbon, she said, would make … Continue reading ",578745"

The Brattleboro Reformer

Delaney in New Hampshire

On climate change, he said he would pursue a tax on carbon. In an effort to avoid overburdening many Americans with the increased expenses, Delaney added that people would get a dividend greater than what they would be paying in heightened costs for gas and electricity. The main target of that tax revenue, Delaney said, … Continue reading ""

Delaney in New Hampshire

As the final question, Delaney was asked about his climate plan in which he proposes making CO2 and fossil fuel-related energy more expensive in order to encourage a switch to renewable energy. He also noted the importance of giving the extra money back to the Americans to help fight climate change. “We need to get … Continue reading ""

Monadnock Ledger-Transcript

Will Bernie Sanders Stick With A Carbon Tax In His Push For A Green New Deal

Now, as the 2020 presidential candidate prepares to release his climate change plan, a key element to watch out for is whether Sanders will abandon the tool he’s heralded for years to combat global warming, or integrate it into his push for a Green New Deal. As he makes this decision, Sanders is wading into … Continue reading ""

The Intercept