Buttigieg in Nevada


“Tackling climate change and our environmental challenges will also be a focus of this rural renaissance. Too often, rural America has been told it’s part of the climate problem and not invited to be part of the solution. So we’ll invest up to $50 billion in agricultural R&D over the next decade, invest in clean energy like solar and wind, and provide $5 billion in grants to mitigate damage before disasters strike. We’ll upgrade drinking water systems to ensure everyone has access to clean water. And because good stewardship of our land is vital to our economy, our environment, and the overall health of our communities–as Nevadans know well–we’ll keep Nevada’s public lands public instead of selling them off to the highest bidder. Through policies and strategies like these, we can enlist everyone in tackling climate change, from an auto worker in my Indiana neighborhood to a solar worker here in Nevada.”

Unlocking the potential of rural Nevada