Biden, Booker on Climate


Biden spoke from a teleprompter, mostly about foreign policy issues. He spoke at length about how to combat climate change and used Kerry’s lead role in the Paris Climate Accord as his guide. He repeated his promise to get back in that agreement on Day one of his administration.

Booker said in an interview with CBS News campaign reporter Adam Brewster. He also spoke about two planks of his plan that seek to address challenges he says are “unique” to rural America: corporate consolidation in agriculture and getting farmers involved in climate change.

In Iowa, nearly every Democratic candidate talks about getting farmers involved in the fight against climate change. Booker, who is proposing investing over $100 billion by 2030 in federal conservation programs, said farmers need to be “the center” of solving the climate crisis. “It’s time we start paying farmers, creating new streams of revenue for them to more aggressively adopt these practices that will be a double bottom line for them, that will help them and help them as leaders in the environment,” Booker said.


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