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Another top issue for Steyer is climate change, which he has called a “national emergency.”   As president, he said he would immediately address electricity generation, building codes, and mileage standards for electric vehicles.

“The United States is the only country in the world with the moral authority, the financial clout, the technology and the commercial capability to make this happen. There is no second choice. And if we choose not to lead on this, it won’t happen.”

Steyer said a carbon tax is not part of his plan, though he is not opposed to it.

In response to a listener question on what steps his campaign has taken to reduce its impact on carbon emissions, Steyer said:

“A friend of mine once said to me that one takeoff in a private plane produces more carbon dioxide than you’d save in a lifetime of driving a Prius. So one of the things we said is that we’ll never take a private plane,” he said. “That means a lot of time sitting in airports and, you know, staying up late at night and getting up early in the morning. And we’re more than willing to do it because there’s got to be a statement here that you’ve got to walk the walk.”

Source: nhpr