Pete Buttigieg just gave his first foreign policy speech. He offered 5 clear proposals.


4. Rejoin the Paris climate accord

In June 2017, Trump took the US out of the Paris climate accord in, a nonbinding global agreement to curb greenhouse gas emissions and slow the pace of climate change. Many, including world leaders, saw that move as an abdication of American leadership and, in the words of one of them, a “brutal act.”

Buttigieg would ensure the US follows that accord again. He also called for American mayors to get together and come up with climate-change-curbing solutions.

5. Invest in renewable energy technologies

Perhaps Buttigieg’s most specific proposal was to quadruple federal government funding for research and development on renewable energy technology, to at least $25 billion.

“It involves empowering rural America to be part of the solution — helping to unlock the potential of soil management and other 21st-century farming techniques — and a new kind of support for cities and towns seeking to reduce their dependence on carbon,” he said.

That’s likely to anger the fossil-fuel industry but delight those that work in solar, wind, and other growing energy sectors.

Source: Vox