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Buttigieg in Iowa

The former South Bend, Ind. mayor spoke of values he said he could use to unite the country, such as combating climate change, religion, work and democracy. Protecting the country’s future begins with national security and confronting climate change, Buttigieg said. He added that religion should not be used as a reason to discriminate. “God does … Continue reading ""

Iowa State Daily

Buttigieg in New Hampshire

Buttigieg fielded a range of questions, from climate change to political strategy to his proposal to restructure the U.S. Supreme Court. He called climate change “the security threat of our time” and promised a national mobilization of resources as well as more vigorous efforts to persuade foreign powers to take action.

Buttigieg in California

Buttigieg said that national security was in itself a patriotic act. He cited the recent California wildfires as way in which climate change is inclusive in a national security strategy.  “I don’t have to tell so many here who were impacted by the wildfires that are just one example of the accelerated impacts of climate … Continue reading ""


How 2020 Democrats will address climate change through foreign policy

The Pentagon has called climate change a “threat multiplier” in international conflict. At the same time, climate change stands to have the worst impacts on countries that contributed least to the problem. How should the US brace for global climate chaos? And what will you do to help other countries prepare for the impending disruption?


Gabbard in New Hampshire

I think we need to look at every one of our military bases around the world and assess its value and its use towards our national security interests, and the other issues that we’re facing,” Gabbard continued. “This issue of climate change and refugees is one that not only we, the United States, are concerned … Continue reading ""

Buttigieg plans to task Defense Department with fighting climate change

Democratic presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg released a sweeping plan to fight climate change on Wednesday, calling the issue “the security challenge of our time” and tasking the Department of Defense with addressing it.