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How 2020 Democrats will address climate change through foreign policy

The Pentagon has called climate change a “threat multiplier” in international conflict. At the same time, climate change stands to have the worst impacts on countries that contributed least to the problem. How should the US brace for global climate chaos? And what will you do to help other countries prepare for the impending disruption?


Gabbard in New Hampshire

I think we need to look at every one of our military bases around the world and assess its value and its use towards our national security interests, and the other issues that we’re facing,” Gabbard continued. “This issue of climate change and refugees is one that not only we, the United States, are concerned … Continue reading ""

Buttigieg plans to task Defense Department with fighting climate change

Democratic presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg released a sweeping plan to fight climate change on Wednesday, calling the issue “the security challenge of our time” and tasking the Department of Defense with addressing it.


Buttigieg in Florida

Buttigieg says responding to the threat of climate change could be the way the United States gets back in the “game of leading the world.” He says that would first require the United States to re-enter the Paris Climate Accord and support a carbon emissions tax. But then he says the academic and public and … Continue reading ""

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The key foreign policy questions 2020 Democrats must answer, according to 9 experts

Climate change is among the top foreign policy concerns on voters’ minds, experts and Democratic politicians say. It makes sense: The Pentagon is deeply worried that a changing climate may destroy military bases and lead to resource wars around the world. And it will certainly drive a wedge between Democrats and Trump, who thinks climate … Continue reading ""


Climate change gets its moment in the spotlight

In the first question on climate change, California Sen. Kamala Harris immediately corrected the moderators, saying, “I don’t call it climate change, it’s a climate crisis. It is an existential threat to us as a species. The fact that we have a president who embraced science fiction over science fact is to our collective peril.” … Continue reading ""

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The first Democratic debate revealed who the real climate candidates are

What is the greatest geopolitical threat to the United States? That was the question NBC’s Chuck Todd posed to 10 Democratic candidates for president during the first primary debate on Wednesday night. Four of them said climate change: Beto O’Rourke, Elizabeth Warren, Cory Booker, and Julian Castro.


Several Democrats distinguished themselves on climate issues during a packed debate

Four Democratic presidential contenders used the first debate of the election cycle to cite climate change as the biggest geopolitical threat facing the United States as they worked to distinguish themselves on the increasingly hot-button issue in a city reeling from climate impacts.


Pete Buttigieg just gave his first foreign policy speech. He offered 5 clear proposals.

4. Rejoin the Paris climate accord In June 2017, Trump took the US out of the Paris climate accord in, a nonbinding global agreement to curb greenhouse gas emissions and slow the pace of climate change. Many, including world leaders, saw that move as an abdication of American leadership and, in the words of one of them, a … Continue reading ""