Letter to the Editor: In 2020 election, vote to combat climate change


To the Editor:

We are running out of time to solve the current climate crisis. With 84% of Democrats believing that climate is an issue that demands immediate action, the candidates have been strengthening their plans for how to tackle this issue. Scientists have given us a deadline, 2030, before irreversible damage is done to our planet. As a young American, this deadline seems far too soon. The 2020 election is our greatest opportunity and last chance to make real change.

We are given two paths forward, one would lead us down a path of hardship, illness and the degradation of our planet. This would lead to resource scarcity, climate refugees, unbreathable air, and the mass extinction of animal species. The other involves an investment in the youth of America and the world. We can be working on building a smart more efficient electrical grid and infrastructure, millions of clean well paying domestic jobs, localized energy and food systems, and green architecture. Climate change has become a partisan issue, when in reality it is a humanitarian issue. It is our responsibility to keep talking about climate change and questioning candidates about their plans. With all the issues facing our country today, the best way to change the climate in 2020 is to vote for climate champions who will make this a top priority.

Ella Doyle


Editor’s note: The writer is a senior at Portsmouth High School and an intern with the League of Conservation Voters.